Talkback: Ask the Experts: Taper and Race Week with Sam Murphy

Hi, I'm taking part in an endurance walking event 3 weeks prior to my first marathon. It's the baggies monster challenge, basically cycling 30 miles followed by a 42 mile hike. What advice do you have for the 3 weeks I between? Thanks


  • Hello,

    I am having a problem with a heel injury (Planatar)  and am hoping to run in the M.K. Marathon at the end of the month--can you suggest a speedy cure- I haven't run or trained for the past six weeks....


  • Hi I'm having a niggle with my knee. It crackles when I bend and bit achey.

    I can run on it and it feels better when I've run about 2 miles.

    But I can feel it even when I'm walking.

    Any suggestions? 

  • Hi Danny, Michael and supermouse,

    I suggest you get in touch with Sam (and physio Sarah if need be) on the ASICS Target 26.2 forum threads - you can find them here:


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