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Can anyone recommend a supplier of running costumes which teams can wear please?  For example, I have seen caterpillar outfits and bus outfits which fit over a team of runners and keep them together like a train.

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  • i would contact richard branson as he was incharge of those publicity schemes......

    just a warning

    those type of trains are not popular around these parts as its hard for runners to get around them......

    whatever you get then make sure you have them months in advance to train in as they can be quite uncomfortable and heavy......
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I'd check a normal fancy dress shop - they should be able to at least order it in but as Seren says - i'd check with the marathon organisers to make sure that you're allowed to wear it.

    I remember in one race - the "train" was kept at the back of the pack to let the other runners make a headstart.

  • The ones I've seen have been waist belts with something like carabiners and stretchy ropes between each person. I can't imagine they'll be an "off the shelf" item. More likely you'll need something making specifically.

    But why you'd want to do such a thing is beyond me image

  • Hi Richard. How's Larry David
  • I think this is probably the funniest post I've read in the 'Gear' section thus far! Reminded me of the Glasgow half marathon 15-20 years ago when I saw a guy wobbling round right at the back inside a giant furry blue whale costume built round a frame with four wheels. He was having trouble steering it and kept veering into the barriers at the side of the road. Or maybe he just couldn't see where he was going? Anyhoo, it's still the craziest running costume I've ever seen.

    Richard, I hope you find your caterpiller. And please post the photos! 

  • Richard, does it have to be something that means the team is all attached to each other, or can it just be a theme for the whole team.

    If you dont have to all be attached, how about a team of smurfs, the 7 Dwarfs, a troupe of Morris dancers, etc...
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