Running shoes for children

Hi runners out there.....

my daughter (9) is a very good and keen runner....  cross country and track.....

but the choice for good runnning shoes seems to be limited ....  the High Street Chains do not stock anything much, so it's difficult  to  Try Before You Buy  (she's size 13/ 31  btw)

Does anyone have any recommendations?




  • I went to and they had a good range to try. I got my daughter some nice Adidas running shoes. Also John Lewis had some online and therefore probably have them in the shops.
  • Thanks Sussex  image

    Been there  (Sport Direct)  ....  but the service is soooo poor !!   and they're not very knowledgeable ....

     They do have a good range for adults.......   and at good prices ....    but not so for kids .... mainly stylish and colours ......

  • I bought Adidas Adirun 3 from there. A proper pair of running shoes, white with 3 pink stripes. I used my own knowledge of running shoes and of seeing if they fit.
  • Likewise, have used Sportsdirect (online) for shoes for my 8 year old (Nike Dart).
    Again, using my own experience to see if theyre suitable.
  • My son is 5 but he's got quite big feet (12) but I don't seem to be able to find anything in that size.  There is some good asics in size 13 though I just google 'childrens running shoes' and it comes up with loads of links.
  • Inov8 - Start their x-talon at size 1, perfect for trail and cross country. You can order from

    Vivo - Barefoot range available in all kids sizes. I found some in TK Maxx recently which made the purchase much cheaper.

    I also have a 9 year old daughter who is an excellent if somewhat reluctant runner and the above appeal to me due to their minimal design at 9 my daughter has not run in anything with a built up heel therefore runs with a very 'natural' style which I want to preserve.

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