Can I run 10k in 40 minutes with this training schedule?



  • Cicero, I had something similar to your ITB pain a few months ago, I found that the foam rolling and a few other stretches worked wonders. The key thing is to keep doing them, as I found some pain returning pretty quickly as soon as I went a few days without rolling/stretching.

  • Lou, that's a cracking effort sir.  Well done image

  • Iwan, thanks for your input. Which other stretches particularly? I've finally accepted that foam roller is a permanent part of the programme so I'm doing that regularly, but would be interested to know if there are some stretches I'm not doing that I could be.

  • Managed an 18:17 5k at the Cardiff Parkrun this morning (according to my Garmin), which represents a 53 second pb!

    I've been back training since just before the new year after my ankle injury and am now really seeing the benefits of consistent 50 mile weeks over the last month or so (no real speedwork yet).

    Anyone else made any had any races over the last couple of months?

  • Thats a huge improvement over 5K Iwan. That'll surely transfer to a great 10K improvement too!

    I got a 5 mile PB a few weeks ago in a race (29 mins 11 secs). I was aiming for sub 29 mins in the hope that it would prepare me for a low 36 min 10K next Saturday.

    Since then, I've managed a 17:43 5K time trial and a 23:06 4 mile time trial. Fingers crossed the low 36 min 10K might be a realistic goal?!?! 

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    Regarding recent 5 and 10ks, I've only ran the local parkrun this year and the ribble valley 10km late December. I managed 16.43 at the parkrun and 33.56 at the 10km.

    I'm running Trafford 10km in a couple of weeks so hopefully i can still make an improvement. I too run 50 mile weeks so once you add some consistent speed work I'm sure your PB's will come down Iwan.
  • Thanks Jamie, yeah hoping that will translate to comfortably under 38 minutes for the 10k when I run Bristol in May. 2 months to add in some speedwork.

    They sound like very quick time trials there, are they just run on your own? I don't think I have the willpower for that sort of sustained effort in training! I think that 36 should be do-able off that kind of 5k in training tho. What's the current pb?

    Matt they are very quick times for 50 miles a week! Quite encouraging tho, as I feel like 50-60 miles/week is my limit at the moment. How many tempo's/intervals do you do in a normal week?
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    I've only been hitting 50 miles a week since the start of the year. Used to be around the 40 mark. I do intervals on a Tuesday which range from 1 minute up to 8 mins. I usually end up running between 5-5.30 min miles depending on the length of the intervals. I never find out what this session is going to be until I turn up.

    I then do a track session on a Thursday night. No matter if its 400/600/800/1000 or 1200s I aim to run each lap or rep between 70-75 secs.

    I've been trying to fit in some tempo runs recently but not done hardly any. It's something I'm going to have to try to get in.

    I think one of my earliest posts on this thread was that before I joined a club which was last summer, my running was done on the days I wasn't playing football and I used to run as hard as I could all the time. I often used to jog to football training etc then jog home. Without knowing it I've probably had a cobbled up training programme going where I've had the easy runs when jogging to football, been doing the quick stuff at training then on the other days they've resembled a tempo run. It's what has probably helped me get those times as I only ran my first 10km 12 months ago.
  • Iwan Jones 4 wrote (see)
    Thanks Jamie, yeah hoping that will translate to comfortably under 38 minutes for the 10k when I run Bristol in May. 2 months to add in some speedwork.

    They sound like very quick time trials there, are they just run on your own? I don't think I have the willpower for that sort of sustained effort in training! I think that 36 should be do-able off that kind of 5k in training tho. What's the current pb?

    Matt they are very quick times for 50 miles a week! Quite encouraging tho, as I feel like 50-60 miles/week is my limit at the moment. How many tempo's/intervals do you do in a normal week?

    Thanks Iwan, I've never found it a problem running near race effort time trials in practice for some strange reason.......I quite like the hard work, and yes I do them all alone.

    On Friday I did that 4 mile time trial at my intended 10K race pace 5:48 per mile and came in 6 seconds inside.........that said an extra 2.21 miles at that pace on race day might be too ambitious for me! But I'll be trying my best.

    That 5K time trial was actually a 5K PB for me. I've never raced that distance........we don't have many 5Ks locally. Its a shame because my competence probably suits the shorter distances.

  • Been a while since i've seen this thread up there.

    I managed to go sub 40 at the weekend, 38.52 in another Salford based 10k, only my second 10k race.  Was in the middle of marathon training so had no taper and no 10k specific training.  Anyone think there should be some fairly comfortable room for improvement there then?

    Kind of feels weird now as I always saw the 40 minutes barrier as the main aim for 10k so not sure entirely where to go from here!!

    How's everyone getting on with their persuit?

  • over ?

    down ?

    ning away together ?
  • That's a very nice 10k there SB. A lot of people I speak to seem to get pb's at other distances when training for the marathon, I'll have to get involved! What's your target for the marathon and which one are you doing?

    I'm running my second 10k in May in Bristol and am hoping for something in the region of 37:30, based on an 18:17 5k I ran about a month ago. I think the plan then will be to try and concentrate on some speedwork over the summer to improve the 5k, then doing the Cardiff Half Marathon in October.

    Mattl very nice 10k at Salford, unbelievable time considering how long you've been running seriously. (I'm always lurking on the SG thread!)


  • Hi Iwan, how's it going?

    Thanks for the reply and cheers, I was very happy with it.  What a feeling coming into the last half mile knowing you've done it, eh?  As I got close to the line a bloke shouted "still under 39 minute pace".  I couldn't believe it so near sprinted for the line when I thought I had nothing left image  I honestly have no idea whether i've kind of peaked or got close to peak now or whether I can still improve a lot.  I've been running for nearly 5 years but only above 15 miles a week since August last year.  All I did before was run 2-4 times a week, 5 or 10k blasts (just running as hard as possible).  Since structuring the training, it seems to have helped but have I just improved on what was already close to my peak performance or have I still got room to grow?  God only knows, I guess time will tell!

    Your times are now very impressive.  Reckon you can push under 18 for the 5k?  Only 18 more seconds to go but they'll hurt like like to take off.  What's the target time for Cardiff?  I ran a 1.28 at Blackpool but i'm now certain I can get that down after the recent 10k performance.

    Hard target for Manchester - finish itimage  Soft target, sub 3.10 would be amazing and i'd be so happy with that.  Some calculators are teasing me saying that I am capable of sub 3 but honestly, i've only been seriously running for 8 months and don't believe I have the endurance base for that yet.

  • I reckon you still have plenty of improvement left if you have only been training seriously for 6 months, but I know what you mean regarding not really knowing how good your performance was. Since I don't race regularly at the moment when I get a pb I don't know if I nailed it or whether there's 15/30/45 seconds more in the tank on a different day/conditions.

    I'm hoping I can get comfortably below 18 minutes over the summer if I avoid any more injuries, and for Cardiff I have put 1:23 as an estimated time but this might be a bit ambitious! I've been consistently over 50 miles a week this year so I'm hoping that the uninterrupted training will start to pay off.

    3:10 sounds like a reasonable target, I think a marathon could be very painful if you go out too hard, probably better to finish your first marathon thinking there's a bit more to come than hitting the wall and putting yourself off for life!



  • Dead right about the marathon, it's my first one and I really don't want to be in a world of pain as I enter the unkown territory of the last 4 miles/glycogen wipe out.  I will probably readjust my aim/pace from mile 15 on, depending on how I feel I am but I strongly suspect i'll be between 3.05-3.25.

    I can relate to your sense of the unkown too.  Last 10k, the fact that I was suddenly able to find a strong sprint finish told me that although I felt I was pushing hard as hell, perhaps not quite as hard as I thought.  I'm learning to try and embrace the pain and not succumb to it.  Ok. embrace is stupid word really but i'm at least trying not to let it dominate my thoughts as I get tired.  That's hard but also a big key to good times I think.

    1.23 sounds very do-able to me, given your MPW.  As always, a lot will depend on the "on the day" factors but from a pure pace perspective, your time suggest that it should be achievable.  You then start to get close to the sub 1.20 class and you'll be signing up for the next one before you know it!

  • Just returning to this thread after (checks) about a year ... I've read all the posts since my last one and it's good to read how well everyone has been doing. Well done Iwan and Strangely! image

    Since my last post I've done another 16 parkruns and 1 other non-parkrun 5k. Four of the parkruns were at Crystal Palace; if any of you know the course/park you'll know it's not a PB course, but nonetheless happy to have recorded sub 20 there. So at the remaining, potentially competitive, 13 runs I've set another 4 PBs image

    27/4/13 - Dulwich - 19:27

    1/6/13 - Dulwich - 19:21

    8/6/13 - Poole - 19:06

    9/11/13 - Dulwich - 18:58

    So, wow, sub 19 already and I'm sure there's more to come ... Dulwich isn't the ultimate flat course - about 12 metres of elevation change on each of 3 laps ... Poole and Weymouth are close to absolutely flat.

    So target for 2014 - 18:00! 18:30 I can do, but 18:00 is going to be much harder! image

  • And more specifically on topic, I've done 5 more 10k races since my last post and recorded 2 PBs there too:

    15/6/13 - Battersea Park - 40:34

    17/11/13 - Brighton - 39:33!

    Like you, Strangely and Iwan, I've also improved my HM (29/9/13 - Ealing), but only to 1:29:53. You guys seem to be doing even better over the longer distances. Meanwhile I've been trying out some shorter ones and recorded a 2:25.9 track 800m on 4/12/13 which, by age grade, is better than all my existing PBs despite that being only the second 800m I'd run. If I can find the opportunities I'm going to focus on getting the best 800m, 1500m and mile times I can on track next year. Again if I get the opportunity it'd be nice to try for fast 5000m and 10000m times on track too.

    Meanwhile, back on topic, 10k goal for 2014 has to be sub 39:00 image

  • Iwan and Strangely in particular, but anyone else reading, I find forums frustrating for keeping in touch or up to date on a conversation ...

    Continue this conversation on twitter - I'm @cicerunner - or share run data at Garmin Connect - I'm somebizzare ...

    In the meantime, run well, I'll try and remember to check this thread again soonimage

  • That's very nice progress there on the 5k and 10k Cicero, I guess there's plenty to come of that half marathon if you just upped the mileage, pretty difficult to run good 800m and HM's simultaneosuly I'm guessing!!

    I had a pretty good year until about September, ran a 37:31 10k in Bristol in May, and then 17:33 parkrun at the end of June.

    I then had a great training block of about 10 weeks that should have taken me through the Swansea 10k and Cardiff Half in September/October (where I was looking at sub 36-min 10k and sub 80 Half based on training progression).

    However, I got ill and then had a niggle two weeks before the 10k, which meant missing the 10k and not really training at all for a month before the Half so the result was an 82:56 which was not bad for a first half but not what I was after.

    I then had a month or so of light training again when I got injured again (achilles) and am now in the midle of a 6 week running break as advised by physio and will start again in the new year. So pretty mixed all in all!

  • I too am on a "running break" as I turned my ankle over and sprained it 9 days ago ... It's actually recovering very quickly though and though I'd written off the rest of the year I think I may get a few runs in between Christmas and New Year.

    I think you're probably right on the HM front - my mileage is up and has averaged over 25 miles a week since the middle of March, but my longest run (ever) is still only about 14 miles - I think a bit more over-distance training would really help the HM endurance.

    Impressed with your 5k and 10k times - well done image The statistician in me can't help but wonder your age and hence the Age Grades of those two PBs. All my current PBs, except the HM set a few days before my birthday, are at age 48 giving AGs of a little over 75% at all events.

  • Be careful with coming back to early on a sprained ankle, I tried to run again a couple of weeks after doing mine but it was more like 6-8 weeks before it was ok to run properly. 

    I'm 27 so I've got a bit of an advantage! I can't remember age grading on the parkrun, i think it was low 70's so 75% would be a decent target if that's the case!

  • Certainly trying to be cautious. I gently jogged 20 metres to the post box today and could feel that though I wasn't doing any damage I wasn't ready to run further or harder.

    It's difficult though because I got an early Christmas present (to myself - it was discounted) of a Garmin 620 and can't wait to actually use it image

  • updates:

    Updated my Runners World forum name from Cicero to cicerunner inline with my @cicerunner twitter account and my blog:

    Sprained the same ankle again in March 2014 and lost almost 6 months running last year! image

    Even so still managed to PB after recovering from my sprain of December 2013 before the second one. And PB again at the end of 2014 once I'd finally recovered:

    5k PB improvement - 18:55 in March, 18:53 in October

    10k PB improvement - 39:04 in November

    HM PB improvement - 88:16 in March

    See you all next yearimage

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