Swimming in or near Milton Keynes

Been offered a new job opportunity that will give me a dog of a commute , but that is a bit too good to knock back . Trying to figure out how best to adapt my training plans to fit in around this.. anyone know of a good pool or OW swim venue that opens nice and early or that are not too busy in the early eve so i can get my swims in around work and miss the worst of the traffic ?.. Also anyone familiar with the A5 south of MK and its suitability for cycling if i decide to park and ride some days ?


  • Hiya, 

    Swimming at Haversham and Brogborough lakes, confirmation should be available on the TeamMK forum/website in the near furture.  Im not a member of TeamMK and do my OW swimming at Datchet (near Heathrow), just a habit I guess and a popular venue with other Pirates, oh and they do a nice sausage and egg bap.

    Lots of quiet lanes around MK but id not cycle on any of the grid roads or the A5.  The A5 south of MK is a busy fast road (60/70mph), I couldnt think of worse places to cycle but ive seen some cyclists using it.

    There is a large cycleway system in MK (Redways), theyre safe and ideal for commuting but not really suitable for roadbike speeds, better suited to mountain bikes.
  • Oi Slaaaaag, try Bletchley Leisure Centre for pool swimming. I am not sure about OW venue but why not PM Barlos as I know he would have some ideas

    I was googling one day and it seems there is a lido near MK image.  I will see if I can find it

  • Hahahaha! Cross post image

  • Seems the lido shut in September 2011 image
  • Thanks Barlos & Schmunks... shame about the Lido .  Will take a look at the Bletchley LC , and also check out the red routes as sounds like cycling the A5 could be lifespan limiting.
  • Give me a shout if youre around MK, happy to meet up for a bike ride.
  • It's worth having a look here - http://wildswim.com/ to see if there's anything useful to you. It really depends where in Milton Keynes you'll be and how far you're willing to travel image

    Avoid the A5! I've driven on it countless time and would never recommend cycling on it - far too fast and busy.

  • Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)
    Give me a shout if youre around MK, happy to meet up for a bike ride.
    Likewise  image
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