Olympic distance

Looking for my first Olympic tri, maybe September time. Would quite like a lake swim, as opposed to sea, and I saw the Reading Tri. Anyone done this, any thoughts? Or any other recommendations?

Thanks guys. Just ordered my first tri suit too, so got to give it a work-out!


  • Haven't done Reading - although may do. But I know the guys who organise it - they are all runners/triathletes who normally put on really good, well organised events which often have a comical twist, just to make them a little different - so I imagine this event will be up to their usual high standards! But there's only one way to find out........
  • Bala. Always a cracking race, even though they changed the run route. Nice lake swim, closed road, not too lumpy bike course and a dead flat run. Great organisation and a fantastic venue. Almost talked myself into it. I've always driven up from S Wales on race morning.
  • Thanks Slugs, that looks like just the thing I'm after! I'm South Wales too. Will try to get my family up there too ... be a nice weekend away. Now to get my ass in the swimming pool!
  • Doing my first Oly in August! Cambridge.
  • is it the grafman or the monster im looking at them too? cambridge is quite local but havent seen on there but would definately consider it
  • I know you said a lake rather than sea, but Bustinskin's Weymouth Classic is a good, fairly small, but well organised, friendly and reasonably priced one.

    As I said, it is a sea swim, but the bay it is in is pretty sheltered, and usually(!) pretty calm.
  • 1. Am doing Cambridge Tri club one with a mate. It's full up, which is kinda gutting coz the idea of a kebab with DK after would have been on the menu!

    2. Bustinskin races are fabulous, classic includes a full English brekkie, fabulous bike course, almost unparalleled IMO and a not too bad run. BUT, I baled out DNS last year as the waves looked just toooo tough for me. Turns out I made the right decision, quite a few were hauled out by the rescue. Having said which, usually it is a bit calmer.
  • Tim If you're thinking of Bala, with family, camping is always an option. The Pirate site of choice is Glanllyn, which I believe is the turn round point for the run - cant move there for pirates normally for the middle distance race in June.

    I haven't raced the olympic since they changed the run route, starting to get tempted to return. Lets see how the middle distance goes first though.

  • Glanllyn was the turn round last year for the run - you do go quite a way into it.  It is a nice run if you are a crap runner image

  • Just entered Bala! Now better get swimming more than a few lengths.....
  • Tim - get used to cold too and swimming up hills...

    On a serious note they do a charity swim the day before and it would be good practice if you've never swum in it image

  • Bala & Lyn Tegid has to be one of the best locations in the country for a tri race (when the weathers goodimage) You'll enjoy it. I'll see how the early season races go & decide if I'm joining you.

     I haven't raced the olympic there since they changed the run course 5(?) years ago.

  • Both Bala races last year were a nightmare with the weather, As SLAW says get used to swimming up hill !

    Haven't decided if I'm doing the Bala Oly, Suppose it depends on how The Outlaw turns out

  • The middle was horrendous last year and it truly highlighted the need for having full wet weather kit available if you needed it.  Well at least a coat and gloves! On the other hand I've got sunburn there in the past during this JUNE race image

    I think the thing with Bala is the act you swim up the chop and back down through the chop. And if it is choppy and rolling it does make a difference!

  • Ah Yes full wet weather kit.....  I didn't , Just my cycling top and tri shorts,, didn;t even have track mits on

    Bunch of big girls all of them that dropped out

  • OK, now I'm nervous. Will they let me use armbands?
  • Tim, dont let the doomsayers get to you.

    Its a lake, if there is a strong breeze from the west you get a bit of chop at the top end of the lake. Done 9 middle distance swims and 6-7 olympic races. Never had a bad swim there  (yet)

     Last year (middle distance) it was colder out of the water before we were allowed to get in. Never had to put a coat on over my wetsuit before. Certainly got sunburned there more often than it  has rained.

  • He will be great, Even if I don't race the Oly it's only 45 mins fromhome so I will bimble over to watch.

  • I'll agree that the water wasn't cold at the Middle last year! It is the nicest lake I've come across to swim in.

    I can't stand the dirty shallow ones.  Cool and clear always the best kind!

    Tim - I'll be there too - we are not doomsayers!

  • https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/251169_861173110390_36914774_45634230_3752849_n.jpg

    Yeah I'm not a doomsayer.. I finished last year at both the Middle (photo above) and the Oly...

    And unlike loads of girls who dropped out you will note I'm only wearing club cycling top and arm warmers

  • I think someone should post the directors report from last years middle image
  • Are you sure that was June Dave?  I don't remember it being that bright!  LOL

    That report makes me laugh everytime I read it.

    On a serious note - it was a horrendous day but systems in place coped with it well.

  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    Last years Bala Middle report

    Such a great report image 

    Mind, remember it snowing on that bike recce in May Dave, brrr!

  • Ah Yes The May bike reccie.... I didn;t have my arm warmers and no rain jacket.. Me and 4 lovely young ladies all trying to keep warm.....
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