ALDI kit really gone downhill...

I've been wearing ALDI running kit for years and always found it to be very good quality. I'm still using a couple of pairs of long stretchy bottoms I bought over 4 years ago, which shows how sturdy they are. But I'm just back from a trip to buy their latest gear just out today and sorry to say almost all of it is going to be taken straight back to the shop. I just grabbed a couple of pairs of everything in my usual size and as it's now packed in plastic envelopes rather than hanging up on rails, I didn't get a chance to notice how rubbish it was till I got home.

The material is distinctly poorer quality than it used to be and feels thin and flimsy. The cut of the bottoms is awful, with the waistbands sitting so high I could just about tuck my boobs into them! They don't have the rubber bits round the inside of the cuffs to stop them riding up your legs any more, and they also don't have the zippered back pocket with small hole for MP3 cable any more. Basically, they look and feel like cheap crap.

I'm going to keep a vest and a t-shirt as they fit fine and the flimsiness will be quite cool in the summer,  but all of the leggings, 3/4 leggings and shorts are going straight back. I'm so disappointed... image


  • I'm quite glad I didn't go out of my way for a shopping trip if that's the case!
  • I got some leggings, I didnt mind that they were much more flimsy and not as thick, it was when I turned round and looked in the mirrors did I realise they are just so unflattering around the bum area. Remind me not to race in them image
  • Socks still look ok but the shorts do look cheap. I've got a pair to use as emergency ones if I forget my others. I didn't look at the tops - I've plenty I them still.
  • I'd agree the socks are still amazing value for money. I picked up a couple of pairs and also another pair of the compression ones after discovering last month how wonderful they are for recovery.
  • Agree about the shorts - grabbed a pair this weekend, but when I got them home and tried on they weren't up to much.

    But the socks are still a winner. Got some race socks last season and they're great - easily as good as brands 2 or 3 times the price. Picked up some compression socks this time as I've never tried them before and they're great - good quality and much cheaper than branded options. If you want to try out compression socks without spending too much its a good option.

    Only problem is that Aldi tend to sell out pretty quick as stocks are limited.
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