Large Blister on Big Toe - Shall I burst it?

I did my last long (18 miles) run today (I'm running in the VLM) and today I got a huge blister (at least the size of a 10p coin) on my big toe.  I had one on the same toe for the first time last Sunday and I burst it (using a sterilised needle) only for it to return today.  I have heard conflicting reports as whether to leave it or burst it now.  I have 17 days until the VLM. Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks.


  • I have heard you have to prick it with a threaded needle. Pull the needle through but leave the thread under the skin (ie sticking out either side) to absorb the moisture. image

    People also recommend special blister plasters from the chemist.

  • Best to sterilise needle + thread first using surgical spirit - allow to evaporate or it will sting like crazy.  The thread helps stop the blister re-healing and helps drain the fluid.  Compeed plaster are generally recommended and you can get small ones designed for toes.

  • I'd leave it. Er that's not helping you much is it.

    If the BBC say leave it - then I'd go with them.... image
  • Just take a long hard look at yourself and ask "am I a popper or a leaver?". You'll know what to do.
  • pop it! Go on you know you want to.........

    Or be sensible and go to boots tomorrow and get some compeed.
  • smiley999smiley999 ✭✭✭
    I think I will be sensible this time round....
  • The trouble with leaving a blister on an area subject to continual pressure is that it just gets worse and more than likely ends up bursting itself.  Some useful advice here.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Pop the pin into a flame in the cooker first to sterilise it ans then one single incision. I personally wouldn't run a marathon with an already full and bloated blister!
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