Daniels Running Formula VDOT

I would like to use daniels' intensity points system instead of using mileage as a target.

However,  to calculate your points you need to know the percentage of your VDOT which you were working at during the run, I dont understand how you work out the percentage relative to your runnning pace.

Was hoping someone could shed some light on this for me, thanks.


  • Daniels has a graph which maps running time in hours versus percentage of vo2 max training, this is based on the fact that you were racing at a certain performance level.

    What do you need to work out, ie what is the performance that you want to use to calculate your VDOT value?
  • For example, if my VDOT is 50 and I run a 6 mile training run at 8 minute mile pace, which would take 48 minutes, how many points would this run equate to?
  • I get you.

    Well your easy pace for a vdot of 50 should be 8:24 so by running at 8 pace you're probably going to be in the region of 69/70% of VDOT.

    I guess for 48 mins you'd be looking at around 13 or 14 points.
  • Thanks for the heelp! I underrsttand it abit better now
  • Actually, looking at the tables the easiest way to work it out (roughly at least) is:

    1 point for each 5 mins at E pace

    2 points for each 5 mins at M pace

    3 points for each 5 mins at T pace

    Obviously it's a little more complicated when you're doing paces inbetween the listed paces but that should help work things out quickly.
  • Re-read that part in the book last night and Daniels' states that you can choose a set value for each type of workout. So, the set value for E pace could be the middle value which is 1 point for every 5 minutes.
  • That link seems to provide extremely inaccurate data. No matter what time I input for a 10K race, it told me my 'easy' pace should be 5.43 per mile! image
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Seems to work for me have put in different random times for 10km and i get different paces each time as i should
  • image Oops! Went back to try again and realised it was because I wasn't using colons when typing in my time.
  • Interestingly when i put my first 10k race result time in (52:38), the 'Equivalent Race Performances for same VDOT:' mile pace is what I went past the first mile board in (7:38). I ran the race to my limit, but not even paced obviously. Can I read anything into this image ? (5k time in race was 25:20 fyi)
    (Yes I know its better to run even paced, before anyone mentions this !)
  • And err when i work th rough the formulae (25 mpw), Vdot = 37 there are some 'missing' miles ! I am guessing these should probably be run at 'Easy pace' or adjust back into the formula at the same ratios. Here is what I mean:

    E 6.25 miles @ 10:49 (25%)
    M 10 miles @ 9:20 (90 mins)
    T 2.5 miles @ 8:44 (10% weekly mileage)
    I 2 miles @ 5m/km (8% weekly mileage)
    R 1.25 miles @ 1:53/400m. (5% weekly mileage)
    = 22 miles, not 25.
  • Can you read anything into your race time and your mile time?

    Probably just that Mr Daniels obviously 'knows his shit'! image

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