Trowse 10K

Hey guys!

I've been a member of the website for a while (and it helps loads!) but I've only just decided to post something.

Anyway... I started running last summer and this is my first event, I'm really excited! I just checked the CONAC website and saw it's sold out now. I don't know if that makes me more excited or nervous!

Personally, I am hoping for anything less than 1 hour, not sure about the exact time I'm aiming for as I haven't ran an event before, and I'm sure training 10k is different to running 10k in an event with 500 people!

Is there anyone around here participating too? Or is there anybody who entered the event in previous years? I've seen the course video (although it has changed slightly since then) and it looks really nice.

I'm really excited!


  • Hi Lewis
    There were a couple of us from the beginners thread "Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today" that were planning on entering this race, but unfortunately through injury and illness none of us have actually made it image
    Hope you have a great first race and manage to break the 60 min barrier - let us know how you got on. You should be almost finished by now, best of luck!
  • Such a shame you couldn't make it, it was a fantastic morning!

    I beat 60 minutes, I was so pleased! By my watch, I came in at 49:07 which I am over the moon about! I felt comfortable throughout the race except for the hill (horrendous in my opinion!!) on the second lap.

    I enjoyed it so much I am going to to sign up for it next year as soon as it comes available!

    Bring on more events! image
  • Well done Lewis! I've done the race a few times and the hill never gets any better on the second lap. The next 10k will feel a doddle after that image
  • Ran this one today, and it was a cracker. Kudos to CONAC for putting on a fine race, really well organised and absolutely worth the time. Well done on your time Lewis, fantastic running! We almost clocked in the exact same time, so I'd imagine we were in the same area for some of it!

  • I also did the Trowse 10K yesterday....what a great race.... Very well organised and marshalled. You did so well cracking sub 50 particularly with that hill which seemed to go on forever....twice!!
    I was aiming for sub 50 but hadn't bargained on the hill and managed 51.56 which I'm still pleased with. Helps focus the training as well....
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