Will Trainers be ok after standing on Glass?

I've Just been out for an easy 5 miles, breaking in a new pair of trainers for London in two weeks, and my mind wandered and I ran through parts of a broken bottle. After a few steps i could hear something was stuck on heel, so stopped to look and found a rather large piece of glass, approx 1.5cm, stuck in the heel of my trainers.
I removed it, and although there is no part of the sole missing and it all feels as firm as the other shoe, i was wondering if the shoe will be ok.

Im probably worrying about nothing, but was wondering what others, more knowledgeable, think.



  • What shoes are they ? I have heard of people popping their Nikes (and clogs) as they have air bubbles as part of their design. But it sounds like yours are ok.
  • Thanks for reply. Theyre asics 2160 and although they do have a visible air section it appears undamaged, so hopefully they'll be ok.
    I think, with two weeks to go, I'm just getting a bit nervous and anxious for things not to go wrong.
  • I didn't think that shoes had air pockets nowadays.  They sometimes have clear sections, but I thought they were solid.  Most of the cushioning comes from the foam rubber so I wouldn't think that that will be damaged by the puncture.
  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭
    Classic case of taper madness kicking in....must remember that one for myself ;0)
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