Trail Running Shoes...

Hi, I'm looking for a new pair of trail running shoes as my current pair (Salomon Speed Cross 2) are well past their best!

I do a bit of road-running to get to either the beach or the woods, so my new shoes will need to be able to handle a bit of road work without wearing out too quickly. And I'd like to keep to a budget of sub-£100.

 I'm also quite a severe over-pronator, to the extent where I have special orthotic insoles provided by a podiatrist in order to correct my over-pronation.

My question is this... can I choose pretty much any trail shoe and use my insoles in them? or would it be better to try and find a trail shoe which provides some degree of motion control, despite the fact that I also use the orthotic insoles?



  • Hi J Owen, maybe somebody has answered this elsewhere, but if not, here you go and it may not help much image

    I looked myself a few years back as was a moderate overpronator (less so now). The answer I commonly got from others and the lack of this information on trail shoes specs backs this up, is that trail shoes are not generally built with features to support overpronators as this issue isn't as big an issue on softer and uneven surfaces. Instead you have cushioning and support to keep you upright.

    If you really think you need the support, try Asics trail shoes. Never used them myself, but they used to have a range of a few and I'm sure at least one was marketed as supporting overpronators. In fact saw this the other day which is just a trail version of GT-2000 series roadshoe and may be suitable:

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