Run Walk Pacing Group - London Marathon

What ratio of walking to running does the run walk pacing group do and what's the target finish time.  Will there be a group starting at the blue start and how do you meet up with them?


  • Hi Jacky, i did VLM last year and set off with the runners world walk/run pacer from the blue start, if u head to the very back of the start area he will be there and will be holding a lollipop type thing with the pace and rhe anticipated finish time. My onky critism would be that he didnt start tge walk breaks until we had run 3 miles so just be ready in case that happens, they aim to get you round in 5:20. Unfortunately i was struggling with an injury and couldnt keep up with the group after 10 miles as the pace when they r running is quite fast. good luck xxx
  • I'm planning on joining this group. I thought I'd read somewhere that the running pace averages 11 minute miles... does anyone know if this is correct? I suppose the start is really packed hence why they run the first 3 to ease congestion. Have found that in training following injury, an organised run/walk strategy makes the mental battle easier... and thats got to be a good thing! image
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭
    If the aim is to finish in 5:20, that's an average pace of more than twelve minutes a mile, which is brisk walking pace.
  • The "plan" is run 5 minutes at 11min mile pace, and then walk for one minute. Averages around 12min miles, and will cross the finish sometime after 5.12 (chip time). The pacers will try as hard as possible to stick to this, but is isnt always easy, especially for the first mile or so when it is very busy/crowded... I am pacing again so will see you there with my big lollypop...
  • Full info here about this years pacing and which pens we should be going for and what the lollypops look like.

  • Excellent info, thanks Bart!! image
    See you on the 22nd!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Thanks Bart - I was looking for that information this morning! I'm still trying to work out if I should stick with the 11 min milers and see how long I hold on for.

    This may sound a silly question but are you open to chatting along the way?

  • I'd normally say err on the side of caution and never go off too quickly, but as both go off at the same pace, why not stick with the 11min mile pacer and see how that feels, you could always drop back if you have to, but I'm sure you'll be fine, 11mm is a nice pace!

    I'll be chatting away, to myself if no one else wants to join in....!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Thanks for replying Bart - I'll definitely see how I get on with the 11min milers. I normally like chatting/singing to distract myself!
  • I've been injured the last month and slowly getting back into it, I ran a 13 miler today in 2:20.... Should I do the run/ walk or try for the pacers at 11 mins.... I'm panicking now!!!!
  • Helen - I have run a slow marathon in 51/2 hours & I have run walked a marathon i 5 1/2 hours.  I would definately recommend run/walk. 


  • Hi all, I did Silverstone in 2.20 non-stop but since then I haven't run (injury/work) image

    Panic is now setting in !  Is the run/walk pace a viable option or am I just kidding myself ?

    I will be running over the next couple of weeks but obviously no 20 milers.



  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Bluepaul - when I got behind in the past with my long runs I've run walked. Last year on long training runs I ran to first mile, then walked 0.10 mile. Then ran to next mile and repeated the 0.10 mile walk.

    I still got round my marathon in 5:19 and that was with bad cramp at 19 miles and was on 2 mins slower than my pb. I didn't do the run/ walk in my marathon until 15 miles.

    Good luck all of you xx
  • I got put on antibiotics today for a recurring sinus problem, thank goodness for the pacers x it will be nice to have company on the run walk group
  • Due to a lack of running/motivation I'll be starting with the run walk and possibly moving into the walk walk group !!!!

    It doesn't matter the time just saying I finnished will be great.

    See you at the start, I'll be the fat bloke in black (it makes me look slim image)


  • The run walk group sounds fine to me as being a slower runner I want to get round safely and enjoy the day as training has been mixed this year with bad weather and illness so to have a pacer takes away the worry will be great. I would like to wishh everyone whatever your target time Good Luck enjoy the day have fun and see you at the finish. Remember their will be a medal at the finish for you and me as their is for the front runners the only difference they get a cheque for doing it and we at the back run for a cheque for charities big and small and have more fun along the way.I did my last long run 10ml today just a short one next week and ready for London next weekend See you all soon Maggie 

  • I am very slow too, but can keep going, I would like to do it in 5.30 hr but it will probably be longer. Any advice to improve my time.

  • I think we need a leeeetle bit more information Catherine - but Dave is probably right ?

    What are you doing now ? How many runs a week ? What mileage ? What speed ? What races have you done in the past ?
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