One shoe for fells, trails and road?

Is there a shoe out there that is suitable for all terrains?  I'm looking for a shoe that can handle ultra races of up to 60 miles that can have up to 15-20 miles on road, with the rest being on the fells and trails.  My last 2 pairs have been Inov8 315s but I'm looking for something different that I can also get up to 500 miles out of.


  • I wear Asics trail shoes and they are great for the fells, tracks and roads. They are hard wearing and from mile 1 they are comfortable. From time to time I wonder what other (attractive looking) shoes are like but I just daren't risk a chance.
  • I did Three Forts Marathon challenge in a pair of Addidas riots, which are marketed as hybrid on/off road - and they held up pretty well for me.
  • I've done full-on fell races in Adidas Kanadias which have also served me well on events that have a fair bit of road. They do seem to be pretty durable too, I don't know about 500 miles of genuine fell terrain but at about £40 a pair from Sports Direct they're certainly good value.
  • Asics gel lahar and Salomon crossmax come to mind.
  • Thanks for the advice everyone.  The Kanadias are tempting and I may go for but I'm also going to have a look at the Salomon SpeedCross2 Trail which are usually £90 but half price at Go Outdoors at the moment.  Anyone had any of these? 

  • I use speedcross 3 but i tend to keep them for offroad. I love them but i believe the 3 is slightly smaller than people expect from salomons. Not sure about the 2 for size, but it is probably a great shoe too, just not sure about how well they'd wear with a lot of road. Wiggle is selling some off too. The crossmax is at least marketed as door to trail, whereas the speedcross fill the same niche as inov8 295
  • I wear Salomon Speed Cross 2 trail shoes and ran 16 miles in them yesterday, including approximately 1.5 miles on road. I have run 296 miles so far in them and they are showing no signs of wear. They were a perfect fit straight out of the box, and I have had no problems with them. All my trail runs involve approx .5 mile on road to get into the forest and .5 mile back. I wouldn't like to say whether or not they would be suitable for continuous running on roads. I bought mine from Wiggle.
  • I use speedcross 2's alot but wouldnt like to run far on the road in them. Have no problems with the odd road section when bouncing from trail to trail and show little signs of wear considering its not really what theyre made for.

    They are a tight fit though so best try before you buy.

    pro 3d ultras could probably see you good but personally i couldnt run in them as they were far to rigid.

  • Roclite 285s seem pretty good to me, a bit lower to the ground so more dextrous when descending yet didn't give me issues on Hardmoors 55. 295s are good for the extra cushioning if you think you need - same as 315s, but less weight. The studs on 285s are more grippy and supposed to wear quicker, but mine are 400m old and seem fine.

    Both are fine on road, but I don't like to cover too much road in them as figure this will wear the studs quicker. I figure my trails runs rarely contain more than 25% road.

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