Almost injured before vlm

Need some sensible advice
Now in my taper period for vlm
Had pain groin/ lower abdominal at end on my last long run 22miles- nothing major - stiff that evening and fine by following morning.
Did next long run this Friday - should have been a 13 miler but pain again- this time after 10 miles. Could have continued but didn't want to risk the main event.

Thinking this is from a hip flexor? Can feel an ache on sitting from lying in my lower abs. Hip feels ok- but lifting leg hurt on running

My dilemma is do I rest and do no running - and hope 2 weeks will settle everything? Shall I cross train ( elliptical trainer) the equivalent of my taper?
Thoughts everyone?

I'm a reasonbly experienced runner10+ years - many halfs but first Marathon. Training has been going well without any niggles-Help!


  • I'm having problems too!! Deciding whether to rest for 2 weeks and hope for the best!!
  • Hi
    Sorry to hear you are concerned. The final weeks before a marathon are always tricky in my experience. I've had to pull out of VLM a week ago, to a hamstring injury this year...

    I would encourage you to rest. Focus on all the training you have completed. Cross train if necessary. Could you see a physio?

    Nothing can be added to your fitness now.
    Take care.
  • Thanks for you kind words and sorry to hear you had to defer especially at this stage. I'm going to rest till end of week and see how I fare
  • Hi Stony,
    Good idea.
    I'm very disappointed not to be able to run this year, but know there will be other races to look forward to if I let my body recover...
    Best of luck!
  • Hi sequin
    Just thought I'd let you know- Groin settled and managed it!crowds and painfull quads resulted in slightly slower than predicted time but had a ball!
    Finished in 4:03
    Hope you enjoy your vlm next year- who knows miracles may happen and may get lucky in the ballot for 2013!
    Take care
  • Hey Siony!
    That's great news. Well done. So pleased you enjoyed yourself and that it all worked out ok. I watched it on tv! I'm in for 2013 and am waiting to hear if I have a place in New York in the autumn. Exciting!
    Happy running.
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