Asics nimbus? or New Balance 1080?

Asics nimbus? or New Balance 1080?
Your shoe preferred and why?
Thank you


  • im an asics fan, i've ran in both and prefer the asics, however, i think a cheaper model of asics is better, the memory foam and all that technology in the heel area is lovely and soft when new, but after a few 100 miles and a few good rain soaks or washes the heel area loses all its squishyness and is a little less cushioned than regular shoes that have normal foam in them,

    in saying that, after 550 ish miles, the sole on my latest nimbus (13's) is still far far from being out of life, based on current wear i think they have at least another 3/400 miles left in them (i'm a heavy 200lb runner too) the uppers are still in great condition too, no fraying, nothing unstuck, no scuff holes, they are very durable, my only complaint is that memory foam being a bit of a gimmick, its still comfortable and causes no rubbing, but its just a feature that doesnt last the life of the shoe, should be re thought imo.
  • neither. i'd go for the NB 1080v2 image
  • Another vote for the NB 1080v2 - I tried Nimbus about 18 months ago and they were far too soft for me. Ended up going back to New Balance and the 1080 (now on 1080v2) and they're fantastic.
  • They are 2 of my 3 pairs in rotation at the moment, and I like them both (especially the NBs as they're bright red and very noticeable, haha). The Asics are definitely the next ones to go though, they're getting very worn compared to the NBs, with only a couple of months between them.

    The others I wear are Adidas Adistars and I LOVE them!

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