Where to shop

I need trainers etc...
I want to purchase Sat am....
Either Watford, Uxbridge, or somewhere off the M4 on the way to Wokingham in Berks, or in Workingham in Berks....
Anyone know any good running shops around these parts?

BTW as experiment posting this on a few forums to see where I get most responses. Personally, never bother with Gear (start point) usually


  • Is Rayners Lane in Pinner far away from you? There is a Runners World shop there.
  • Snicks,

    If you don't mind going slightly beyond Wokingham continue to the Sweatshop in Reading.
  • Thank you both. I think I'll opt for the Pinner one. Is it actually in Pinner Martin H?
  • Snicks,

    Just thought of another place, never been so would advise a phone call first but there is Apex Sports at Farnham Common (between M4 & M40 near Slough). They are always mentioned at the Burnham Beeches events so may be worth giving them a call.
  • Thank you Keith, I'll do that. This forum is bloomin' handy at times!
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