Does anyone know of any good first time Duathlons around the Hampshire area?


  • Where abouts in Hants are you?

    If you NE you could get to Dorney Lake near Maidenhead. If you're in the South then Sandy Balls near Fordingbride host one in October. Newbury Du was the other week too.

  • Cat5 in the hat, I'm near Basingstoke
  • I've completed the London duathlon, it's an extremely well organised course and a great course. The only downside is it's quite an expensive event.
  • A bit of video I shot of the London Duathlon 2012 in Richmond Park on Sunday, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0D9RissBGU.


  • Theres a nice short novice one in chippenham on 25th november if thats not to far. It's called the big chilly or something similiar. It's at the castle combe race circuit it's a 2 mile run, 10 mile bike and 2 mile run.

  • Nice one Colin.  Was wondering whether I might spot myself, and finally made it in at 8:43, chatting with my brother straight after the finish, full nephew support crew in the foreground.  image

  • Sandy Balls one has moved to Bucklers Hard this years - renamed the SwashBuckler. Same distance, about the same time of year, and still run by the same people. Hopefully less hilly on the run! (second run seriously hurt last year...ok, I know, I'm a wuss....)

  • IM me your e-mail address if you want that segment. It's only 6 seconds. (13.6MB)

  • There is the Winchester Duathlon in March 2013. I know it's a way off yet but they have a novice and sprint event I think.
  • Here's the link for it. Forgot to mention that you get ??5 off the entry fee if you sign up before a certain date. Think I paid ??10 for the novice event.

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