Garmin 110 vs Edomondo

Advice required for new runner!

 I started running just after Chrstimas for the first time since leaving school 16 years ago.

 So far I have been using endomondo on my HTC to record times etc.  However a friend has recently recommended buying a Garmin Forerunner 110.  As I am a tight so and so I always have to justify spending money.

Can anyone let me know if a Garmin 110 is worth the £102 (as per Halfords Web Site) agains the free Endomondo app!



  • A cycling friend showed me his Endomondo training log today. It looked very similar to what I upload onto Fetch and Runningfree from my Garmin. If you're a skinflint you might be disappointed - the Garmin 110 is the most basic model and it probably doesn't do anything more than your phone app already does for you.

    I asked him about phone battery life on long training runs, and he said he puts the phone onto aeroplane mode which switches off the phone part but still allows the GPS to continue working and extends the battery life by quite a lot...

  • More money but Amazon have Forerunner 405cx for £130 which has a lot more features than the 110 (as well as a HRM).
    I've been using Endomondo Pro for a year or so for running/biking. It's a good App but I wanted the extra features of the Garmin (and the HRM - the Endomondo compatible HRM is €70) so have just ordered the 405cx - hopefully it will turn out to be a good buy...
  • £130! Wow. I paid nearly £200 for the more basic 405 a couple of years ago. The cx model was somethibng like £340 back then. Amazing how things come down in price. If you can get a Garmin with heart rate monitor for £130 I think I'll retract my previous ''don't bother' comment. I use the HRM part of my Garmin for training quite a lot and I wouldn't be without it.

  • I thought it seemed cheap too. The 405cx is cheaper than the standard 405.
  • The endomondo app is great, however, in built up areas I found it lost signal quite frequently and as I trot round central london a bit this is an issue.  I ended up buying a Garmin 410 as I basically had money burning a hole in my pocket (think it cost £150 at the time) but I'd say if the endomondo app is giving you all you need then I'd say stick with it.
  • cheers for the advice guys.

     Went for a 10k run this morning and two of those km were under heavy tree cover along a cycle track and Endomondo kep its signal all the way without any problems.

    The main issues I have with the Endomondo is the fact I have a £400 phone strapped to my arm and feel a bit of a target with it on show.

     Thanks to my Scottish heritage (thanks Dad) I also dont like spending money so might just keep hinting to the wife, I am sure Fathers Day is coming soon!

    cheers again

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