40 before 40

Hi all

           I am a regular on the Forums and I really just wanted to ask a biggie favour from fellow runners.

   I am hoping to do 40  races from Sept 2012 till Sept 2013.It is a bit of a fundraiser and something to tell my Grandkids (when I get some)

  I just want to know of races out there around the midlands that would be of reasonable cost. I will need to be doing at least 1 a week. I know a few and I also run in the Burton Summer league. I have a couple of Marathons in mind but would like more HM's and nothing less than 10k.



  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    hi Ecky, me hereimage...Thornborough is a good one 10miles and £6 to enter. candleford ladies 10k run by the local runclub here is in October and about £10  to enter.  those are just 2 fairly low costers to start with on your list and i will do both with you and raise some money of course. i know they arnt midlands but depends how far you want to travelimage
  • Hellooooooooooooo Loula,thanks for that.I dont mind a bit of travel for a couple of races although the main ones will have to be pretty local due to cost as I will be self funding..Awwww Thanks Loula you are the bestest.I cant wait to meet you in Oct.
  • DarolaDarola ✭✭✭
    How about all of the midland park runs - official 5k races and free to enter.
  • Thanks Darola, yeh I was thinking of using the Conkers one to fill in the gaps if I cant find other races.
  • Hi Ecky!!

    Don't know exactly where you are, but there are quite a few round Notingham.

    Nottingham Half Marathon (Sept)

    Worksop Half Marathon(Oct)

    Edwinstowe Xmas 10K (Dec)

    Robin Hood 10K (Nov)

    Keyworth Turkey Trot (HM) (Dec)

    Crossdale 10K (Sept)

    If you are west Midlands they may be too far though

  • Thanks Mathschick,yeh I am west mids but Im quite happy to travel a little bit for the odd ones.It all boils down to cost but at least if I know what races are available then I can work it all out.
  • that is weird how the brackets I have put in have turned out as hashes

    If you do any of the Nottingham ones I'll do them with you - would be lovely to meet you

  • Any of the East midlands GP series any use to you? Weekday evenings, may help get a few more in without filling every weekend...


  • Thats brilliant Helen, Thanks for that. It would be good to have evening ones too like you say to have more weekends free.
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