Advice! Training stopped - 6 days till Marathon.

Hey All,

Been training for 8 weeks (18 miles max - 2h 30mins).

However, i took a break in my training for the last 3 weeks (social, lazyness etc).

I thought I had 3 weeks till marathon but realised it's actually in 6 days.

Was on course for a 3:45. My wife tells me I'm not ready for it, but I feel I could get round. Dont know what the time would be like that.

Any thoughts.


  • You've not run once in three weeks ? Any other exercise you've done ?
    I'm sure you'll get round, but you've messed your goal up and it's not going to be easy.
    I'll bet you won't do it under four hours. You may want to adapt your target pace or the chance of blowing up will be even higher.
  • I play football once a week and did 8 miles a few days back - 58 mins.

    I did a half 4 weeks ago - 1h 34m.

    Touch and go.

    Any thoughts on whether I should follow the last week of training programme?
  • Surely the last week of the schedule is a taper - so yes definitely - that you stopped training 3 weeks ago suggest you were not fully commited to the time - so just go and enjoy it  
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