Caught a cold before VLM- agh!

I'm running the VLM.  I have had a cold since Saturday (and gone to chest).  Should I keep running, or stop?  Didn't do my long run this weekend. Panicked about losing fitness but, equally, don't want to aggravate.  And should I try getting some antibiotics (or will I just be told it's viral, therefore no point...).

Any help / advice would be v. much appreciated.


  • TmapTmap ✭✭✭

    It's a good time to get one as you'll be recovered by the race.

    General wisdom is that if it's below the neck, you should ease up.  If you get any fever within a week of the race you should withdraw, or at least be prepared to stop if you're feeling ill.  I tried running it in 2006 with a very heavy head cold and got a PB, but tried it in 2010 with a chesty cold (caught 4 days before) and I had to stop at 18 miles feeling properly ill.  Training-wise, it won't make much difference at all not running, depending on what your aims are.

  • Get some zinc and vit c, to assist with the cold and immune system, also a face steam will help loosen everything. Tmaps advice is really good though.
  • So glad (sorry) that someone else is with me. my better half started to get cold symptoms yesterday and I feel grotty today. Have been fighting the idea of going out for a run all day and finally took the brave option and didn't. Have now had dissolvable vit c and 4 oranges.

    Keep telling myself that it will clear up in a few days, that trainings all done but its not helping!

  • I too have come down with a cold today...arrrh!

    I figure I have done all the hard work, so rest, and eating and drinking the right things should all help to recovery.
    I'm asthmatic so really hoping it doesn't go onto my chest.

    Hope you feel better soon
  • Great advice already given! 

    I have been fighting a cold for a few children are at varying stages of colds and coughs so just trying to be careful. Taking Vit C and echanacia, and also using Vicks First Defence!

    I am asthmatic too Claire, so can understand your concern.

  • MWW...I'm sure we'll be well recovered by next weekend!
    It's just annoying that we have done all that work, then everyone around me seems to be ill!
  • ENORMOUS thanks for all this. V.v.v. grateful - and comforting to know that I'm not alone....

    Will ease up for a couple of days.  So frustrating though...

    Hope everyone else feels better.

  • I have a gel hand sanitiser on me at all times
  • If you have a temp on race day - don't run. Otherwise, rest up - you can't do owt of any significance between now and London anyway.
  • Thanks so much.  Just got some antibiotics, so fingers crossed all will be OK on the day.

    Itching to get running though...

  • aggh- fought off the cold all last week but its come on with avengence last night- coughing and sspluttering all over- now on the First defence thing, vit c and wrapping myself in cotton wool
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