Running gear - retailer recommendations

Have been running for quite a few years now and tend to bulk buy winter/summer stuff every couple of years or so. Used to use Wiggle a lot, but they seem quite ££ - where is everyone else buying their stuff at the moment? Like Gore, Ron Hill, but not too worried about brand names as long as logos of any kind of description aren't plastered across it and the clothes are good quality and last for ages. Any makes/shops I should give a go?  

I like buying online, but live in London, so shops easily accessible. Am female...


  • I only spend decent money on shoes, everything else comes from sports direct! v cheap but good quality clothing, especially the karimor stuff.
  • I like Wiggle, and Startfitness.  Startfitness often have good prices.

    I've got Nike and Adidas stuff that I've been using regularly for many, many years.  It seems to last for ever.

    TKMaxx used to be a good place for sportswear, but you have to be prepared to rummage, and I've gone off it a bit.

  • I have a variety of kit, a lot of it I can double up from cycling.

    A large proportion is from Sports direct, much as i do not like to 'support' them, they do sell cheap items, that seem to be reasonable quality.

    If you spend over £60 online, you get free delivery, and the advantage over buying instore is that often it is cheaper online, and they cannot/will not price match in the shops (My local one at least), and also if you send the items back, you get a refund, as opposed to instore where it is only a credit to a voucher card thing.

    I have on occasion tried on items in store, and then ordered them online.

    MandM direct also quite often have some excellent deals, both on shoes, and on running kit, and there are often some discount codes knowking about, and if you spend over X amount, I forget, £50 or £60 probably, you get free postage - if you pay £1.49, you get a Collect+ returns label, so last time I ordered, I ordered two in small, and two in medium of everything, and then just whacked the incorrect sizes back to them for a refund.

    I would also have a look at, have bagged a few bargains off of there, along with Achilles heel.

    Also - I picked up a few items from Lidl (I don't have an Aldi nearby) and Amazon someitmes have some semi decent deals, although if it's a third party seller, you quite often will get stung on the postage.

  • I'm the same as Max's Mum - I buy cheap gear from anywhere and everywhere so I can afford to splash out a bit on good shoes. I like a rummage in TK Maxx (recently got a nice pair of Saucony shorts there for £12 and often see a good variety of Ron Hill stuff) and a browse round eBay for the 'bought wrong size and only wore it once' auctions. Aldi has running kit in right now - their vests, t-shirts and socks are excellent quality and dirt cheap.

    Agree that Karrimor stuff is great quality for the price. So much of the 'proper' running brands just seem ridiculously overpriced to me. £120 for a running jacket? And it's not even waterproof? Forget it!

  • Thanks, guys! Some good ideas there - and I shall definitely pluck up the courage for a TKMaxx rummage. Much appreciated!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I like SportsDirect and Wiggle for quality and price. I've never found anything "decent" in my local TKMaxx and M&M sports seem to be focusing more on fashion wear than sports... but they are very good for a bargain.
  • Agree on Karrimor kit.

    The Aldi 'Crane' Sports range was decent. But its recent 'lot' bar the socks hasn't had great reviews on here.

  • Last years range/colours are often to be found with half price or more off.
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