VLM 2012 - Texting split times

Does anyone know if thats happening this year?

Im sure they've done it the last few years where you can set up mobile numbers to be texted your split times at 10k, 13.1m etc


  • Wasn't that the Adidas tracker....i thought they had loads of issues with that and it was about a half hour behind the real time of the runner so families kept missing their loved ones???
  • It was a bit late when we used it a couple of years ago. Im sure it wasn't available last year. I tracked people via the results section of the VLM website
  • There's nothing in the mag, which suggests not. As others have said, it suffered with capacity issues. It was only really useful for knowing how long it took your runner to cross the start line.
  • An email was issued last week saying that people would be able to track runners via the Virgin Marathon website...
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