After a run

So I did a 10 mile run this morning (I'm in a HM at the end of May)'s the longest distance I've ever done and I did expect niggles like my feet hurting over the bowl and my left hip aching, although in all honesty that's been aching all weekend. What I didn't expect was a sudden hit of the shivers after I'd finished.

I did the same as usual, finished my run, took my trainers off and did some stretches. Grabbed a glass of juice and a bowl of musili, put a fleece on and sat down to enjoy my food. I'd just about finished when I suddenly started really shivering.......I've never had that before, is it due to the longer distance or am I doing something wrong when I finish running?


  • That sometimes happens to me too, usually after a very long run when I'm super hungry. I've never worried about it at all, I think it's just a physical reaction to a good training session and also being a bit energy depleted. Did you actually feel cold or was it more like non-temperature related tremors? If you weren't cold then maybe a check up with your doctor would be sensible, but if you were just a bit chilly feeling I think it's fairly normal. Next time it happens jump in a hot shower or make a cup of tea. I usually come in from my long runs and wrap up in a huge fleecy dressing gown while I eat some hot food...
  • I think its due to your body being put under more stress than it was previously used to. (you said 10 miles was the longest you have run)and then trying recover from it. 

    a friend of mine who is a massage and reiki therapist would call it a minor 'recovery crisis'

    think as RWD says, just wrap up and keep warm until it stops

  • Yeah have to agree with the above. 

     Usually after races stewards give out the foil blanket to stop all of your body heat deserting you!

     Wrap up warm as soon as you finish & maybe a gradual cool down?

  • thanks people, I was cold and jumped into the shower for about 20 mins till i was feeling warmer, I usually have a bowl of porridge when I get in but had run out today hence the musili.
  • I often feel absolutely FREEZING after a hard training session (& LSRs).  I put the kettle on to boil whilst I have a hot shower and then have teh most enormous cup of tea (followed by food).  I feel I need to warm up from the inside as well as the outside.
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