Where to shop

I want to purchase Sat am....
Either Watford, Uxbridge, or somewhere off the M4 on the way to Wokingham in Berks, or in Workingham in Berks....
Anyone know any good running shops around these parts?

BTW as experiment posting this on a few forums to see where I get most responses. Personally, never bother with Gear (start point) usually


  • Sorry Snicks, no idea. I'm up North.
    But I know you are an aerobiccy type person - my wife is teaching aerobics full time now, and drags me round JJB etc each month in search of new aerobics shoes.
    It's easy getting expert advice for running shoes - but where do you go for aerobics advice ? Anyone any ideas ?
  • I get my aerobic gear at conventions, never buy from a shop. Does your wife ever go? My next one is a Fit Fantastic event in Camber. And as for asking the staff in JJB for advice on shoes... you'd probably get better advice in Miss Selfridge
  • Thanks for the advice Snicks... any particular Miss. Selfridge?
  • Try the one in Watford Jon - lots of adolescent girls who, I'm sure would be only to glad to advise you on all sorts of things
  • Cool... Want some platforms! Howabout Sweatshop in Teddington? Had to offer a serious suggestion...
  • Thank you Jon. Teddington, wasn't there a TV programme/channel there, Teddington Lock or something? Where is it, Jon, I can't remember?
  • Was it Police Five?
  • There's a Sweatshop in Reading - slight diversion on the way to Wokingham - and it's by the station so quite easy to find.
  • Thanks Fraggle. I've also got this thread going on Gear, and Keith mentioned a shop in Reading. So Far I've got Runners World in Pinner, and another shop off the M4 - thanks again
  • Teddington... Elizabeth I the Cate Blanchett film was done in the arts centre apparently... I only know that cos I did a crappy gig there recently!
  • Thanks Snicks - I'll make sure I pack her off to the next convention. Sorry I know nowt about running shops near you !

    Hey - one good thing about getting dragged round city centre trainer shops is I saw Atomic Kitten in Manchester. They were coming out of the new Selfridges, and I think I heard them mumbling something about Jon not being there.
  • I know... They were upset, but I made it up to them by muttering naughty things down the phone at them.

    Have I ever told you my gran lived on Queen's Drive? You might have known her!
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