Trainers For a Supinator / Underprontator

This week I made my first visit to see a podiatrist after suffering a persistant priformis/ hip injury.
Whilst not being able to cure this injury, the podiatrist revealed that contrary to popular belief (I.E. every running shop I have been to for the last six years) I do not overpronate, but instead have inflexible feet with a high arch and clearly supinate (spelling?) (Underpronate).
I am planning to make a visit to some running shops to replace my current trainers (Adidas Supernova Control and Asics 1080) as I believe they are more designed for overpronators.
My question is - in the current market what makes/models of trainers should I be expecting the sales assistant to be offering me?
From reading the gear guide on this website I should want a neutral shoe with a rounded last. However most of the current neutral models reviewed on this website don't make it clear that they are specifically for underpronators - they are more designed for biomechanically efficent neutral runners.
In terms of needs, I run between 40-50 miles a week, preferred race is 1/2m. I would look to be buying two models for rotation and possibly a racing flat for shorter distances (Although that is low priority at the moment).
Any advice will be much appreciated.


  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    bad news - most shoe companies don't make a shoe for supinators, they class them in with the neutral shoes as the supinator is a bit of a rare breed! but go for a flexible shoe and probably don't run too much in the supernova control and 1080s as you are right, they are for overpronators. Also the more curved the last is of the shoe, the more it encourages the foot to pronate (which is why motion control shoes are dead straight lasted, by the way!)

    some neutral shoes are better than others, I would try mizuno neutral shoes in particular if I was you as the wave and low profile of the shoe makes them stable for mild overpronators and also mild supinators. The wave rider, creation and mustang are the mizuno neutral shoes.

    it would be worth trying the adidas supernova cushion/response (an old shoe, still good!) and asics cumulus/kumo/preleus (old version of the kumo), if you have gotten on well with the fit of the stability versions of these shoes. New Balance and Saucony also are good makes with quality neutral shoes

    Possibly try the Pegasus, but it might be too unstable for you as it is totally designed around the idea that the runner wearing the shoe is efficient and very neutral. Reebok and Puma may not give you the cushioning for the mileage you need.

    No idea about Brooks, sorry!

    what brands have I missed out?
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    how could I miss out the silver shadow!!! (ah-quite easily actually)
    missed out ronhill as well, havent I jon!
  • You feet sound similar to mine..i've used Asics Cumulus really comfy..and am currently using Adidas Super Nova Cushion..took a little while to get used to but has become a nice and simplist advice I've read for high arches was in RW mag about lacing up your shoes..changed how I done mine, basically missing out the middle holes, incredible difference...
  • Hi Tec remember them well Silver Shadow ..done miles in the hi tech Sprint...then i found cushioning!!
  • Hi Go-KL, I'm also a supinator and swear by Nike Pegasus. I've tried some of the shoes annajo mention and the pegasus is far and away best for me, but everyone is different. The adidas Supernovas gave me a nasty knee injury from being at bit too rigid (Adidas claim it is a shoe for a mild overpronator too, which caused me loads of pain).

    I tend to stay away shoe that has hard rigid plastic on the sole.
  • Thanks for all the great advice. I will certainly go look at the Adidas Supernova Cushion as the fit on the control version on me is probably the best I have ever tried.
    As for the others - well I will try to try them all and see what feels best! The Pegsaus has become a bit of a running club favourite so I may become like the tenth person to have a pair (Maybe we should become sponsored by them...)
    Thanks again all.
  • Here I am picking up the dregs of another thread!!!

    For Brooks, try the Illusion and maybe the Glycerin.
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