Northumberland Coast Marathon

Thinking of doing this as the timing is spot on for training, other events and holidays. Just a bit concerned that it might be a bit tough. I've done 1 marathon (London) which is obviously a nice flat road race. Just how much tougher will this be? Obviously I won't be going for a PB but running on sand sounds very tough. Looks like the scenery is stunning so I'm tempted to have a couple of days up there. Anyone done this race? Advice?


  • Did anyone run this? Looking at this years entry and wondering what it was like ?
  • It's a lovely route, sol just run it as a training event as you suggested.

    Most of the sand is hard packed, and there is quite a bit of trail as well.

    Overall it is also a fairly flat course as it follows the Northumberland Coastal path.


  • Thank you. I'm presuming I won't need to navigate at all - it follows a well defined route?
  • Yes. In simple terms, for the first half you keep the sea on your right and on the way back it's on your left.

    There are the Coastal path signs to follow and a few event specific signs, as well as a written description that will be provided. You should also have someone in view most of the time.

  • Thank you - that's really helpful. Really tmpted to jump in this year - it falls on one of my longer training runs so my running mind is saying "it's only a few miles more, go for it'!!!. Lol. Addicted.

  • Bear in mind that there is only a small number allowed by the authorities and last year it sold  out very early.

    Go on, it's only £15, where else would you get a marathon with such lovely views at that price.

    (as one of the organisers, I am a bit biased !)

  • Just sent you a message pal

  • So you have, and I have replied.

    By the way, the 2013 date is August 11.

  • Very tempted, although a bit concerned about the cut off time, as it will be marathon number 8 this year!!
  • Linda, if it is any help, last year's back markers managed 5:56. The problem with much slower times is partly marshals out on the course, but also the tide, as if you miss it, you will have a longer land bound route for the last part of the run.

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