We always talk about the best shoes, tops etc, but i thought i'd see what you guys have found to be the best in those things we all use but probably do not think about.


Anti perspirant/deodorant, do you have any that work better or have you used any that cause irritation etc, personaly i like the dove one for men, it doesnt have a strong smell and lasts all day.

sun tan cream, summer is coming (maybe) and this stuff is expensive, being waterproof often is no good, i used an expensive piz buin one last year and it was terrible, stained all my running tops and socks when it ran from sweating, but the tesco own brand one for kids was brilliant,

hair product, whilst i'm aware running is no fashion show, nobody wants to look a complete mess and a lot of guys i know (and girls too i guess with shorter hair that cant be put in a hair tie) will use a wax or gel etc, but again through sweat or even rain, it can run and get in the eyes, what works for you guys?

anti chafe/vaseline, i bought whilst in america a stick thing of anti chafe called body glide, and whilst i can say it was very good at what it does, it works no better than vaseline, which can be bought by the huge tub full at the £1 shop, body glide is £9.99 for a stick that lasts a few months tops.

blister packs/plasters
, something a lot of runners are plagued with or at least deal with, they all claim to be the best at stopping pain and rubbing, but since you guys use them, what is best?


  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Anti-perspirant and deodorant - neither, I take a shower.

    Sun tan lotion - whichever waterproof factor 15 or above is on special offer or discount in Superdrug, I've found them all to perform pretty much the same.

    Hair product - no need, my genes have seen to that.

    Anti chafe - Bodyglide is well known, Lanucane is worth trying and I think more widely available through pharmacies.

    Blister packs - Compeed works for me.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Marc - I think it depends on what works for you. I'm the same as Muttley for suncream and will use whatever's on offer in Boots at the time. Normally it's Nivea or their own brand.

    Deoderant - If i'm doing a half marathon I tend to use a sports deo rather than my normal dove.... that's purely because I don't want to stink out the entire race.

    I don't use bodyglide/vaseline on the whole. If i need to sort out a chaff - i'll use sudocream. Best cream known to man!

    I use compeed blister plasters if i get any.

  • dohedrant - a slap of something in a stick under the armpits from time to time. can't remember what it is!!

    sun cream - P20 or Ultrasun - nothing else does the job of stopping sunburn like these 2 do.

    hair product - water and shampoo

    anti-chafe - bodyglide for the neck when wetsuit swimming, vaseline for the barse and crack when running, tape or tight lycra base layer for the nips when running long, sudocream for bike sores

    blisters - don't suffer when running but I'd go with Compeed if blisters from trekking in boots
  • You might want to include one of those little plastic pipettes of superglue for fixing big blisters or cuts (or for people with poles that sit down at aid stations on trails.)
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