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I posted 2 weeks ago when I was hit by a car. It reversed backwards into my legs pinning me between my car and theirs. At first I was relieved I hadn't broken anything and hoped it was all a bit of muscle swelling which would reduce on its own but 2 weeks on and the physio is talking about arthroscopies and cartlidge damage I am now feeling pretty down.

So how did you cope with your time off running whilst injured? How long did it take for you to return to fitness? Anyone had an arthroscopy and can tell me how long it took them to get back to running?

Even a good joke that would make me laugh would be appreciated, am feeling pretty down image 


  • Oh lordy...that is terrible! Really hope you get better soon.

    An ex had an arthrodoodah for her knee injuries - think it was approx 8 weeks before she was getting back to any sort of training (hockey) and also TA...BUT she made a full recovery. 

    Please please take it easy - rest. You have been through something very traumatic - your body needs lots of TLC.

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    A - Because he was a fungi!


  • Can I call you "Msth" please? I'm very slow at typing. Sorry.

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    I don't know anything about your injuries so I'll just wish you well and hope you get it all sorted soon. I do know about the waiting to get fit for running bit though as have been mostly off due to some kind of fatigue since June 2010. You just have to focus on getting better and try to relax and enjoy yourself. I'm convinced that worry and negative thoughts don't help recuperation times (although equally a good rant occasionally definitely helps!!). Read some good books, watch loads of rubbish telly, eat things that you wouldn't ordinarily as you're too focused on training! Time passes really quickly and before you know it you'll be back to training and looking forward to an event!

    Good luck!

  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭
    More snail than hair - what happened to you sounds horrible. I'm no good at jokes but wanted to offer sympathies from somebody who has been a long time on the injury bench. I've been off running for over a year and a half with hip problems, and am likely to be off for another year or so as I wait for more surgery. You didn't say whether the arthroscopy would be to your knee or hip, but I had a hip arthroscopy at the end of December. As I said, I still can't run due to the other hip, but feel like I could with the repaired one.

    Everyone is different in how they cope with a long lay-off. I am a running addict, so have found it difficult to do much cross-training. I have done some turbo-training on the bike and, more recently, have taken to aqua-jogging. That's a good laugh, especially if you do it with someone. I like to stay involved with what's going on in the local running scene, so I go to watch as many races as I can get to. I take photos and generally try to cheer on as many people as I can and, as a result, have gotten to know many more local club runners a lot better.

    I hope your recovery goes smoothly and that, if you have to have surgery, it goes successfully.

  • I've had a couple of 6 week periods off with broken bones.
    It was easier than I thought really - not much you can do in plaster.
    As soon as it was off I could cross train for a few weeks and then back to running.
    And my fitness seemed to be about the same.
    Catch up on your reading perhaps ?
  • A few years ago I couldn't run for 9 months with PF - not only that but I couldn't wear normal shoes anywhere at any time. That's pretty demoralising for a woman.

    All I can say is that given the pain I was in most of the time I didn't really wan tto run anyway. I just had to be patient until it went away. When I started running again it didn't take me too long to got back to a reasonable level of fitness - within 2 weeks of resuming I could run 3 miles continuously.

  • i keep my mind fixed on running in every way i can

    i keep my preparation going as normal as we did when we were out here every weekend racing

    in a weird way ( i say that incase anyone sees my thinking as weird ) not that it will bother me

    i see myself as running even when i'm not, that keeps me phscyologically sharp and mentally strong

    ive had my worst 12 months or so ever, only doing a handful of races that we normally do

    i suppose my body is that conditioned it takes a lot to make me unfit

    - thats only my supposition mind of it ? 

  • Thanks for the jokes guys, they did make me laugh. Good to hear that fitness returned relatively quickly once you were all able to get going again. I am feeling really paranoid that I will go from training for a marathon to couch to 5k by time this is all dealt with.

    I see the pysio again tonight and I am hoping that she will tell me I can at least cross train.

    Everyone, fingers crossed image

  • Well its good news, the physio thinks it may be my quad that was compressed and thats what is causing the pain and clicking. Some severe massage and I was given the all clear to resume cross training. Just been to a spinning class and I am sitting here with ice and brufen and I am pain free. Hopefully I will be able to resume running in 3 more weeks.image
  • What an idiot, how can anyone reverse into somone like that ?

     I had a stress fracture once and I really couldn't run for about 3 months, it came on after a race that had a lot of downhill, I thrashed myself down it but it really hammered me. I tried to run but it just wasn't going to happen, the pain made me wince but there was no pain when I didn't run.

    On another occasion I fell off my bike and went to the fracture clinic, when the guy had a look at my wrist , he said "Oi Oi what's the crack here then ? ", I thought it was so funny ! 

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