Things you say to yourself when running



  • I hear you have very short thighs...

  • It used to be "If Jimmy Savile can do it then so can I" but it recently became inappropriate image

  • 'Spectators! Lift those knees, Simon!' (Yes, an audience does make me faster.)

  • Yes matty, I wouldn't be running past any schools blurting that out if I were you.

    David F - I assume you're talking about your running belt?  Most of them are adjustable, just have a look around the back for a strap and tighten it.  It won't slip down then. Best of luck.

  • If that little dog doesn't F@*K off I'm going to punt it over that hedge!!

  • It doesn't hurt

    It doesn't hurt

    It doesn't hurt

    It doe......OMG IT FRIKKIN HURTS!!!

    It doesn't hurt

    It doesn't hurt......

  • Journorunner wrote (see)
    Upon seeing a massive, unexpected hill during a run/race:
    'THAT can f*** off!'
    But I still end up doing it anyways image

    Ha! That made me laugh out loud. I do the same thing.


  • I bet David Falconer 3 wishes he had got an entry for this race
  • Paula Radcliffe said she can run 1 mile in a count to 100. I try that and laugh at how slow I am. I ran with a friend who is a psychiatrist and told her about my "internal dialogue" expecting her to say "oh we all do that" and she just went hhhhmmmh really?  

  • "If you are struggling, use disassociation techniques to take your mind off the pain. Slowly count to 100 three times, which covers a mile (for Radcliffe)." Guardian

    Thanks David I forgot to do it 3 times - still would never get near to her 5 minute miling - ever!


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