back pain and shoulder tension

Better start by describing me. I'm six foot plus and almost 19st. I've just started running because I've entered myself for a half marathon at Dorking on 9th Sept. I've only been training since Sunday and run about four to five miles total. Problem is, I'm suffering from back pain, tension in the shoulder, stitches and shin stiffness. Looking for advice on how to get rid of all three really. Is it a case of just sticking with it and working through it? Or is there something I can do? Advice would be appreciated.




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    Hi Steve, If you have only been running since Sunday and you've already covered 4/5 miles, at 6ft and 19st i would say you've overdone it by quite some distance. I really don't think you should have covered that sort of mileage in your first three days of running and it would explain all your pain in my opinion.

     Are you following a plan of any sort? Do you take walk breaks?

    There are plenty of beginner plans out there to follow and seeing as you have until Septemebr theres really no rush. Ease into it, and don't push it too hard to start with.

    Why not try this beginners schedule -

    [u]Beginners schedule[/u]

    It'll have you running 30 minutes non stop in 8 weeks, then you could follow a beginners half marathon plan?

    Like this -

    [u]Beginners Half Marathon Schedule[/u]

    Good luck

  • Thanks for this. My problem is that I assumed five months wasn't a long time and I needed to get going straight away. I've not done the miles all in one go though. I'll look in to that beginners plan and try from there. Luckily it's a half marathon that's not too serious (Bacchus Half at Dorking) that is fancy dress so it's a good starter half
  • The shoulder tension might be sorted out by relaxing more. When you're running, make sure you're not gritting your teeth, making white-knuckle fists or pumping your arms to drag you along - try to let them swing loosely and take up the rhythm that is natural to them.

    The back pain is a harder one to crack. As a big lad, make sure you've been to a proper running shop and got advice on shoes. They'll likely be expensive, but it's worth it to not do damage to your body. 

    Other things you can try are to make sure you're not smashing each step into the pavement. Try not to push down into the ground to propel yourself. Make sure you loosen up and warm-up / cool-down at the start and end of your run. This just involves not setting out at full-pelt and then slowly jogging the last half mile or so. You might like to research some stretches you can do after a run while your muscles are still warm. Doing exercises such as planks and bridges will help build up your core stabiliser muscles: you're not just using your legs to absorb the force when you run.

    Good luck!

  • I've now started the eight week couch to running for 30 minutes plan. Done two sessions of 1 minute running and 90 seconds fast walk repeated eight times which went ok My back and shoulders have eased up quite a lot now I'm not tensed up. The only issue I seem to have left is what the lovely young lady at the gym reckoned were shin splints. I only know that my right leg was quite sore. I had it recommended that I do some work on the cross trainer to strengthen my legs which I'm starting tomorrow. I hate the cross trainer!
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