Walt Disney World Marathon 2013

We're in for the Goofy again - anyone else registered yet ???


  • I am tempted, so very very tempted!
  • Though maybe just the half.

    Or maybe the full.

    Or darn it, if I'm going all that way.....

  • Hi Princess Leah - it was my first full last year after saying I would never go the full distance. Now my mantra is I would never go the full distance anywhere apart from Disney.

    It was fantastic...Go on you know you want to image

    oh and if your going you may as well go Goofy and make the trip worthwhile !!!
  • Ohhhh noooooo, that's not helping me be sensible image

    Ponder, ponder, ponder...
  • I only heard about the goofy this weekend, I have never done a full marathon before but thought I am unlikely to do these races again so I might as well. I reckon I could walk at 16 minute miles if I have too.
  • How much? Does that include free park entry for the family for a week?
  • Ha! sadly no. It is a lot of money but its a real treat.
  • It is 320 dollars to do the Goofy, which includes entry to the half on sat and full on sunday. The medals look awesome though.
  • You can expect a one off medal for the marathon as its the 20th running. The medal will be kept under wraps until the marathon however expect something special
  • HI Slowfoot - are you in for 2013 ??
  • marty74marty74 ✭✭✭
    Did the goofy last year and had an amazing time. The medals were just superb, especially the donald anniversay one. Almost certainly going to go back and do again, but this time have fun on the marathon more and see how many characters i get pictures with. Would recommend to everyone.
  • Wow. What do you get or the money exactly ?
  • MM

    8th Goofy planned for 2013 (fingers crossed)

  • SF - good stuff, keeping them crossed for you.

    Cougie. If you love DisneyWorld then you will love the marathon. Its the magic of going through the four parks, seeing the characters on the way and enjoying the entertainment they provide en route. The support is amazing from everyone. It has to be the happiest Marathon in the world.
  • Minnie, I hate to spoil this, but they're not real and so why is a bloke in a Mickey Mouse costume better support than a bloke not wearing a Mickey Mouse Costume?

    PS Do they have the FastPass system to skip the queues for the toilets at the start? I hope you don't queue for hours to start to be told by a surly bored 18 year old that there's a malfunction and the race is cancelled!! image

  • GraemeK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im not listening LALALALALALALA image
  • I have just signed up for the Goofy for 2013 and already excited. Never been to Disneyworld so planning a 2 week trip with the goofy in the 4/5 day so I can recover.

    There is a facebook page for the race which has announced the route for the marathon and counts down every day - 237 days till the marathon weekend.

  • Hello everybody,

    I'm in for this one. I've been talking about doing this for ages and after learning to run properly for the 1st time in ages I have finally bit the bullet and entered. I'm really not convinced that disneyland is the ideal holiday destination for a single bloke in his 30s (I'm trying to borrow a child for a few days so as to not look really out of place) but eventually the lure of those medals got too much for me

    I NEED THE BLING.......not want........NEED!!!!!! image
  • Out of interest, what do people do about flights and accomodation for this marathon? Or is that what makes it expensive?

  • I've managed to find flights from glasgow via gatwick and hotel for 6 nights for about 900 quid. Not cheap but cheaper than tour firms.
  • I am going with other half and his 9 year old so we are making it a two week holiday and making the most of it so I fully expect ours to be pricey (park tickets, harry potter world and much much pasta for me image )

    Booking though disneypackages.com so far but still shopping around 


  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    I ran it in 2007 (my first ever marathon) & 2008. If anything the flights and accomodation are fairly cheap for that area as it's nothing like peak tourist time.

    I rented a villa and sourced my own flights, as much as I like Disney World it's nice to escape the mouse now and again and a villa twnety minutes down the road is perfect for that.

    Best organised race I've ever ran. Really jealous of those heading over for 2013, hope everyone has as good a time as I did when I ran over there.

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    Wow - this sounds FANTASTIC! I will plan to run this when i take my kids to disney land in a few years. And yes i chose my avatar BEFORE finding this thread.

    It's going to be at least 4 years before we go - but when we do it's going to 100% be at marathon time!!! 

    Can you imagine running a marathon with the 'Its a small world' song in your head though? Killer!

  • Hello again, MM and Slowfoot!! image

    After doing the half image but failing to make it to the start line of the marathon last year due to my son and I having either severe food poisoning or the worst stomach bug ever straight after the half image (hubbie still did the marathon - and tried to get me out of my sick bed and make me walk it when I barely had the energy to fight my son for the bathroom!) - WE'RE DOING THE GOOFY AGAIN!!!

    SOOO excited already!!! image

  • Hopeully will be there next year making it 8 Goofys and 9 marathons (other issues ongoing sadly)

  • SF - Hope the other issues work out so that we see you there.

    8 Goofys is some achievement! Never mind the effort of 39.3 miles 8 years in a row, actually getting to the start lines is a great achievement in itself!

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    Rather envious of you lot image Gratz on doing the goofy again Nervous and I really hope you don't get any bugs to stop you doing it. 

    Slowfoot have you posted writeups and pictures of your goofys anywhere? Would love to read your race report and see the pics.

  • Hi NN and Slowfoot.  image 

    NN -I didnt realise illness had stopped your marathon this year ! you poor things must have been horrible to have to deal with it while you were away.

    Hello to everyone else - So glad there are a few of us,  we can cheer each other along during training image

    I'm going to use the Jeff Galloway's Goofy training plan as a rough base (although some of the weeks look a bit low on milage and we've got the Great North to fit inl)  so offically training starts NEXT WEEK!!  can you believe it ???

    We are in the Lake Buena Vista Resort and Spa this time - all booked and ready.  Just months of training and saving to go !!

    Have any of you done the Pasta in the Park thingy? something we've been contemplating but not booked.  Not sure if it is worth it ? 


  • MM - it wasn't pleasant but my eldest was a star washing out and bringing back buckets for us whilst hubbie was on the marathon.image

    I'm doing the GNR too! image

    Pasta in the Park - in 2011 this was fab - if you like cheesy discos - and me and the kids love them!image I still train to 'Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut' purely for the memory of 'dancing' to it at Disney.image However, 2012 was not worth the money in my opinion as there was no disco - just average food in a big hall and some characters to have photos with. You can see the fireworks with or without the party so this isn't any great additional benefit. I have tried to see what format the party will take in 2013 by asking those in the know on a Facebook page but had no joy. So I'm a bit undecided on it for 2013. But I figure that it will be good as it is the 20th celebrations???

    Also, did you know there is an after race party in Downtown on the Sunday evening this time?image

    Has everyone seen the clip on the new marathon route - looks great! There has got to be something in the 'ton of surprises' that Mickey keeps saying.......

  • Hi.  we will have to hang on then to see if PITP is worth the money.  Cheesy Disco isnt really my thing so I may have to give it a miss......  I did see the Downtown Disney party mentioned but not see any actual details.  Are they listed anywhere ?

    The Marathon Route will be interesting - anything that can get me through the last 6 miles will be very welcome. That switchback before Hollywood Studios was demoralising so Im glad we are going via ESPN instead.  I wonder what they will have lined up for us?  With all the hype Im expecting big things image


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