Walt Disney World Marathon 2013



  • Hi GG.  It went surprisingly well thanks.  I didnt feel like death which was a destinct improvement from this time last year.  Another long run in the bank which is the main thing. 

    Hope you're doing ok too.

    Having seen the pictures of the Wine and Dine weekent I'm really getting excited for the Marathon Weekend now.  


  • Hi all - just wondering if the Disney Marathon is on a 'first come first served' basis, or if it is through a ballot like the VLM? I would really like to go in for the 2014 race but getting a response from their help team is proving difficult! Thanks

  • HappyCamper - first come first served and not open yet for 2014

  • Hi I'm back image ....intermittent internet and a move of house from 1 end of the country to the other!! image  - relocation doesn't half play havoc with your training.... been very hit n miss (mostly miss, due to packing, unpacking, cleaning, organising, new job etc etc)

    On a positive note though, I did get out for a good long run on Sunday, worked out an 8.5mile loop, which I did twice, then a small out n back loop to total 20miles, so I haven't lost too much in all the turmoil....

    59 days to Goofy image

  • Hi HC - has to be done !! They will start discussing the date for 2014 shortly after the event in January 2013.  Doesnt sell ouf for a few months so plenty of time to get your entry in.


    JPAtko - NIce to have you back image Glad you're all moved and back training again - you're still ahead of the game against my training, even with the break

  • Well fair to say my stepping up of training so soon after munich was a bit of a flawed plan.  Never had shin splints before but I think I may do now.  Mustered a fantastic 5 miles this week on the back of last weeks good effort.  Feeling a bit better in the last couple of days so hopefully I will get a wee test drive in the next couple of days to see if all is well.  Its been a bit of a mess of a hard anyway for a whole variety of reasons so its not time to panic yet as my milage would have been well down anyway this week.  I've had a good long injury free run which I suppose was bound to come to an end some time just a bit of a sod when it happens.

  • I ran a mile and a half tonight. Wouldn't say my leg feels 100% but don't think it feels any worse. Onwards and upwards hopefully :-/
  • I ran 5 miles tonight and I'm now dead. Practically.
  • Are you joining us in january nykie?
  • Had a bit of a nightmare at Luton Marathon Sunday - It is a 3 lap race and is hilly but that is no excuse. was fine through 18 miles and on 3:55 pace then legs just went into a 'vegetative state' and decided that they would not work the way they should - it was not cramp it was just massive aching pain. Anyway that was end of decent time and finished in 4:18 (worst for 4 years). Weird thing is that 1/2 hour after race legs were feeling great no aches and even today I have no aches - it is almost as though I imagined the race and didn't run.

  • BP - don't believe this 'plodder' bit if you can do 4:18 on a hilly marathon! Well done! image

    Well, my training isn't going to plan due to family reasons - had a run and work scheduled for Sunday - then a tearful 11 year old came back from football saying that the team had attacked him for letting a goal in (he only volunteered to be goalie because no-one else would do it!). So spent all of Sunday talking it through with him and various people and have since been trying to catch up with the work I should have done on Sunday! Don't know when the next run will be! image

    What I love about Disney (and most running races) is that, no matter what your ability or how things go on the day, everyone is 100% supportive. 

  • Goofy - awful to hear about your son's treatment - I coached my son's team for 8 years and I have never seen that happen before. Maybe its a different team he needs sounds to me that the wrong ethos is being coached into that team - at that age it has got to be enjoy first and results later. Hope he is OK now and it does not put him off from playing and enjoying football.

    Totally agree about running and the supportive bit - there was a young lady out following the race on Sunday on her bike (she was obviously a runner) and she could see I was starting to suffer and from 6 miles from finish she kept with me and kept me going to finish (along with other runners who were struggling a bit too). At end of race I had to hug her just to say thankyou and all she could say was well I know you and other runners would do same for me.

    Although I am not happy with time it is another marathon completed and I am really happy with that and we know that we are in a good minority of people who finish marathons.

  • BP - thank you - your words are re-assuring as that is exactly how I feel - but I was starting to think we, as a family, were being too 'soft' and that my son needed to 'toughen up' a bit. Most of the team are fine but a few were incrediby cruel. Thankfully he understands that he is not the one at fault.

    Lovely story re the lady who supported you on the marathon - restores faith in human nature - and running.image

  • Nope, C33, I'm just a wannabe Goofy image

  • Hey GG - my best friends little lad has just given up playing becuase of bad treatment from his team mates.  He's 11 and played in goal.  He was pretty good and was scouted by our local town side as an up and coming goalie for the future but the team he played for (including the coach who should be shot) totally crucified him if he let a goal in.  I can only imagine how hard it was for your son if he was just filling in.!

  • Thank you MM. So re-assuring that we are not the only ones who expect fair and supportive treatment. I'm glad I voiced my opinion to the coach now. I usually avoid 'confrontation' at all costs but I felt quite strongly that the FA's rules on bullying, etc. should be followed for the sake of all the children.

    Such a shame that the talent of your friend's son has been wasted by bullies.image 

  • I suppose my son was lucky as he was keeper as well but had me as coach and nothing like that would have happened in my team. it would be interesting to know if the team your lad plays for has the FA standard charter because if it has it has just broken one of the major points of the charter regarding all levels but especially junior level - that of bullying!!

    Marathon Minnie - that is so sad to be so interested in a sport and to have that interest taken away by mindless idiots who should not be involved in the game at any level but especially junior level. Some coaches are in it for all the wrong reasons - at under 9's we had a team who when they had a corner used to stand on our lads toes to stop them jumping and moving, when our lads told me of this I asked their coach about it and he said 'oh yes we teach them to do that, the ref never picks that up' - what sort of life skills is that teaching young lads!!

  • Some of the people running these kids teams need to seriously reassess why they are doing it image 


  • Well done Bearsted on getting round.  It might feel rubbish now but that last 8 mile struggle will make that finishers medal one of the hardest earned and fondest thought of in years to come.  Rather bizarrely its the really good ones and a few of the really bad medals on the curtain pole I'm most proud of I really earned them.  its the so what ones inbetween I don't really care about. On the upside you had all that lovely scenery in Luton to look at to take your mind off the pain.  You can't beat a bit of concrete and a load of circles (aka roundaboots to anyone not fae Dundee) to look at.  I'm sure after that visual delight Disney will be a bit of a come down. image

    Goofy don't get me started on kids football.  I failed a trial at under 10s because I wasn't good enough compared to the other kids.......yip thats because I'm 9 and have never played footie.  My dad was a lot older than most of the other dads and was never really one for a kick-about in the park.  I made the team for under 11s and under 12s but got "released" from under 13s because I was "too small" to play in defence.  I'm 6'1" now!!!!!!  The best thing is when I do play now I am actually at an advantage over most of the folk that were supposed to be better than me at school.  I'm taller, I'm not fat and I can motor about the pitch for the full 90 mins and look a lot quicker than anybody thought I was at school.  Just don't play very often these days as niggley wee injuries were ruining my running.  Problem with most kids football coaches is they think they are playing football manager on the play station or managing a real premiership team.  There is nothing that boils my piss more than driving home for work and seeing grown men working on the fitness of kids by making them run round and round the playing fields.  Correct me if I'm wrong but have you ever met an 11 year old that couldn't run about outside like a lunatic for hours without ever seeming to run out of steam.  They don't need bloody fitness training.  Get the ball out, teach them some skills and make football fun you fecking morons.  image

    Having said all that there is a valuable lesson that should be instilled in all footballers at a young age that is so easily forgotten when they reach the professional game.  At times what seems harsh and like bullying is actually this sort of Darwinesque natural selection taking place..............If he's sh!te don't give him it,  How many times do you watch professional football and wonder how the ball seems to find its way to the worst player on the pitch so often for him to miss control, pass to the opposition, kick it out for a throw-in or hit the corner flag with the goal beckoning.  The more ingrained this is in a footballers DNA the better just incase they sign for Dundee or play for Scotland in the future. image

  • How's everyone coping with this wonderfull weather of ours? Managed to get out for a sneaky 6 miler today and got slightly wet. Was planning on a longer one tomorrow but sitting here listening to the rain hammering against the window not sure about that at the mo. Just taking solice in the fact that the fun isn't that far away now and hoepfully some nicer weather will be there as well.

  • Managed 13.5 today after the rain had subsided. Very reminiscent of Venice this morning.image Not sure how the legs will do tomorrow.image

  • Last weekend, entered half marathon, dry, sunny, no wind, perfect really and a decent time too....

    Todays long run... well it was a bit windy and a few little bursts of rain, then later on the weather deteriorated, the rain was freezing cold and travelling sideways!! As I passed a couple of runners coming the other way (everyone else had long disappeared indoors!) we looked at each other and all burst into laughter in a "What the hell are we doing out in this??!!" kind of way image

    Cold, wet through and going numb despite gloves and a wind proof jacket I called it a day after 17 and a half miles.

  • What a weird fecking week its been.  On the upside I think I managed to avoid having to pay the taxman over £7000 I had already paid him last December but had been "lost" by either HMRC or my accountant.  On the back of the stress and just needing to get away from the world I gave the injury a real lash and remarkably it felt better than it did before I went out.  I had never understood the term kill or cure before.  I ran to avoid killing an accountant and inadvertantly cured an injury!!!!!!!

    Just when I thought things couldn't get worse my gym shut down on Friday.  What am I going to do without Mrs M???  I feel really guilty now about wasting her leccy and trashing her dreadmills over the last 6 years or so.  Who is going to sort out my running now when I slump into bouts of post marathon depression and also hit the nail on the head in 30s about what I'm doing wrong inspite of me trying everything to sort it myself???  Sad day I loved that gym. image

  • Thats good news C33, its funny how things work out sometimes.

    And JP, had a similar experience myself on sunday. Managed about 16 in the end but did splash through a few puddles on the road and when the cars went past i am sure they must have thought "he is a nutter to be running in this". But i am happy that i managed 16 miles in the end and felt strong on both runs over the weekend. Thinsg are moving in the right direction.

  • Glad things are going ok for you guys.  Alas things have somewhat ground to a halt for me.  After enjoying my 16 miler a couple of weeks ago I've been suffering hip and upper leg ache (Ive self diagnosed as ITB) taken it easy for a week or so but had to cut my long run down from 18 to 13 this week.  - Any advice greatfully  recieved !!  Unfortunatley I cant afford to visit a physio at the mo so a bit of self medication is on the cards.


    C33 sorry to hear about your beloved Gym closing !

  • MM - the only thing that works for me with IT problems is a foam roller. Lie on the roller on your outer thigh and roll up and own along the outer thigh - it really works for me. Hope it improves.

  • MM unfortunately the only thing that has ever helped me with IT is seeing Physio and havving an ITB strip done. Problem is if left untreated you will start to have outside of the knee issues. Good luck

  • Hiya folks,

    This training lark for a race like this is tough. Me a couple of weeks ago and still niggling a bit and now minnie. Do people actually run and train to run ultra marathons for fun???

    Minnie I'm a bit surprised you are having ITB that you are noticing for the 1st time. Normally the 1st time you notice it is when you feel like a sniper has got you out of a window of a nearby multi. Don't know if this is where your diagnosis came from but google sports injury clinic virtual therapist. Not really sure what is wrong but I'm not convinced its ITB.

    1st night at David Lloyds gym and I got some really weird looks giving it a bit of welly on the dreadmill. Posh folk don't seem to run fast, sweat a lot and take themselved pretty close to the lung buster/chunder/gasping for air threshold on the dreadmills. I'm missing Mrs McColgans gym already image
  • image C33 - know exactly what you mean. I always felt a bit out-of-place in the gym. I'm not as fit as you but I did try hard and came out looking a bedraggled, sweaty mess. Trouble is, most of the other people went there to socialise (chatting whilst doing nothing on the machines) or to look good pumping iron with giant muscles - and hence came out looking perfect!

    Now I do the treadmill at home - and my kids have this 'EEEWWWW.....' look on their face when I come out looking a sweaty mess. imageimage

  • C33 - I could well be wrong but i was describing where the problem area was (across my hip and down the side of my leg and also in my glute) and then, after a quick look at an anatomy model we figured it pretty much matched the area of the ITB.    Got the roller out last night - bugger me that hurts !   will rest for a couple of days then go for a gentle trot. 

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