Walt Disney World Marathon 2013



  • Just take it easy with regards to any niggles / injiries you have. Its much better to have a few days off rather than a couple of weeks. A few days rest will let your body recover anyway and refresh the old mind as well.

    With regards training / running ultras i have found the best ues of my time are the back to back runs at the weekend. Even if its for 3 or 4 on one day and then double figues the next, it will still produce similar results. Its all about getting used to running on tired legs from the start. As you know, once you have started and are running, the tiredness tends to go after a while.

    Keep going guys, only a few more tough weeks before we can ease back a little.

  • Agree about gyms and feeling akward at times that wa why I got my treadmill at home (just like Goofy) - use it alot for my speedwork

  • Oh no, talk of the dreaded "I" word, image .... I hope all the injuries and niggles are sorted quickly and that every1 else stays trouble free.

    Just checked the calender and YIKES image only 6 weeks til we fly out to the US of A!

    My treadmill has been misbehaving and haven't used it since the move, luckily it's pretty flat round here and easy to run (so long as the weather isn't too bad of course)

  • Right, I've got Xmas sorted - and started the repeated watching of Disney marathon and parks videos.image

    But where are the runDisney marathon weekend posts??? image

    Only a month and a bit to go with Xmas in there somewhere.....am I peaking too early with the Disney excitement??? image

    Ah well, so be it........image

  • Been good.  Not run since Sunday and its driving me BONKERS. But a stitch in time etc etc...


    GG Ive noticed the lack of posts about the marathon weekend.  A bit odd ?? last year there was a real buzz building at this time.  You're definatley not peaking too early with the excitement  it the best bit.  Finish the long runs, have xmas and then off to Neverland !!  YIPEEE

  • MM - I feel for you - but you have more sense and patience than I have - even when injured I can't leave things alone and I end up aggravating the problem more. Has the rollering done any good?

  • I think it has GG as I  cant feel it as much today. I dont think its having sense - more a case of being afraid of not making it to the start. 

    I figure If I start undertrained I might get round but if I start injured Ive not no chance.

  • Best way to think MM. Get there 90% ready rather than overcooked and cant run.

    And can anyone tell me how many character stops there are in the full marathon? Looking to hit most of them this time.....

    And must start watching those vids to get me in the disney spirit.....

  • Not sure on the exact number of character stops - but if you watch the Lee Hoedl marathon videos on YouTube you will see there are quite a few!

  • They are the ones i have been watching to make me go out and run in this nasty cold weather. ..I remember meeting a guy in the airport last year on the way home and i thought he said he had stopped at all of them and there were about 40 or so. It sounded quite a lot but i guess when you see the amount of disney characters in the videos that may well be true.

    Am looking to snag all of the toy story gang this time as well as chip and dale again, thats my favourite picture from last year...

  • There are rumours that all the characters will be in the stands of the baseball pitch at the mile 20 celebration - but, as I say, just rumours.

    The videos are great aren't they? image 

    I've been a bit of a wuss this week and resorted to 2 hrs of treadmill running on 2 consecutive days instead of running in the cold. But I do need to get out there, cold or not - I need to re-harden my legs to the road - my legs are always a lot more sore after a road run than a treadmill run. 

  • Cant wait for that bit of the course, no doubt disney will pull out all the stops to make the celebration a goody.

    I dont have access to a treadmill so have no choice, have to face the elements whatever they may be. Went out early this morning and once warmed up, was rather quite pleasant. Although have to say the cold weather does make me run faster!!!! Longer one planned for me tomorrow.

    And just think, another mile run is another mile closer to the start line and much fun in January.

  • Chip and dale are rubbish. During their last outing they said they were going to rescue rangers. They made a bit of an arse of it they still went bust in the summer lol.

    Well I don't know if that 2 hour run was stupid or not tonight. Currently sitting with blackberry in one hand and ice pack in the other. It feels fine as always when I'm running and just afterwards. Its how it feels in the morning which is the unknown factor at the moment.
  • C33 - how are the legs this morning?

    Very cold here this morning - glad I ran on Thursday/Friday!

    Good luck to all those braving the elements this morning!

  • I'm still horizontal goofy. I will let you know when I can be arsed getting up. So glad I had the long run last night at the end of yet another 6 day week at work. I needed the long lie about as much!!!
  • Hi all,

    I just found this thread - I usually hang around the Paris Marathon thread.  I am doing Goofy this year (first time) and very much looking forward to it. I have done one half mara at Disney which was a load of fun.

    I'm not out to race it as I have the Paris Marathon 8 weeks later (and have still not recovered properly from the Toronto Marathon in late October). I think I will do the half at a comfortable pace, then I will run the full with a friend. She has done Goofy a few years ago, but then stopped running and only took it back up about 6 months ago - she plans a slow run and I think I'm going to join her at her pace and just take it all in.

    Training has been good (until yesterday).

    Anyway, just thought I'd say hi

  • Bonjour Dannirr,

    Nice of you to join us from the paris thread. Just to let you know I felt the need to read your post in my best joey barton accent just to put it into its correct context and give it some galic flair image

    Well the leg is surprisingly not too bad. We bit niggly but it would be a bit still and sore anyway I did 17.5 miles in 2h on a dreadmill. I have just hoovered the house pretty uneventfully so things must be good. Think I might have a return to normal marathon training strategy of one long run, a day off to recover and 2 or 3 hard short efforts in the week as I know that doesn't break me. The marathon will break me but I can have a few weeks off after that.

    The one photo opportunity I want is to get my piccy taken with minnie. I just want to put it on facebook, update my profile pic change my facebook status to 'in a relationship' just for a giggle. The people mocking me for going to disney on my own without any kids or a significant other will be green with envy lol image
  • C33 - the people mocking you obviously don't know that you are going to Disney with all of us - we're all significant and some of us come with kids! image

    However, it has to be said, we can't compete with Minnie.  

  • C33 - re your chip and dale comment earlier - do i detect a hint of sarcasm from a celtic fan per chance??!!

    Nice to hear you have no ill effects after running 17.5 miles. And bloody hell that was quick. I am just back from 18 and a bit in 2 hours 40 mins. In my defence it was on an undulating course and i did walk for 1 minute every mile. I am feeling stronger with every run so at least my fitness is moving in the right direction. I tend to run once on tuesday, thursday and then saturday and sunday - its taken me a while to find that this works for me.

    All the way through my run today i kept thinking about how to pose with all the characters? I want my pictures to look fun and interestingimage

    Roll on 41 days time is what i say!!!

  • Caniggia - thanks for the welcome. In full disclosure, I live in Atlanta - a short drive or flight to Disney.  Might have to alter the accent now.

  • I'm not a celtic fan marty. I'm a dundee fan (hence the caniggia 33 name) and have an equal dislike of each of the ugly sisters from glasgow eclipsed only by a pathological hatred of dundee utd!!!!

    There was a reason why I had to go that quick goofy. I only finfished work at 5 last night and the gym was only open until 8. To fit that many miles in with only 2 hours to spare was a bit of a push. That and boredom going slower may have killed me. I could have saved it for today but these 6 day weeks at work are killing me and I really needed that long lie this morning.

    Dannirr sorry for thinking you might speak frog. I did fleetingly have a notion of running a marathon in every olympic city and atlanta was on that list. It was only when the prospect of being murdered or kidknapped in mexico city and rio became obvious that common sense kicked in again!!!
  • Sorry marty for thinking you were goofy. Got confused with the posts!!!
  • So, according to Bart Yasso, 8-10 miles on Saturday and 20 on Sunday to prepare for the Goofy! imageimage

  • Goofy Groupie wrote (see)

    So, according to Bart Yasso, 8-10 miles on Saturday and 20 on Sunday to prepare for the Goofy! imageimage

    That's what I've been doing image

  • Dannirr - even if the weather was good around here, I'm not sure I could do that!!!image

  • Oh dear... according to Bart Yasso... I aint doing enough, lol

    was working Saturday so didn't run, Sunday was looking after the nipper but managed to get 10km in while other half took her lunch, then went to work monday only to be told it was my day off!!! so I went home, trainers on and a 15.5miler done. I was pretty happy with that cause I hadn't prepared to do any running and it was v.v.windy!

  • Does anyone know how many people are doing the Goofy this year?

  • Not sure if any different this year but it's usually 7,500 I think.

  • Looking at the results from last year, there were almost 5,500 finishers, I think, if my maths is right. Not sure how many started but didn't finish (I would hope none, but I'm sure there were quite a few?)

  • Bert Yasso does talk a lot of crap at times. That Yasso 800 stuff was just nonsence. If you can run 800m intervals in 3 mins or less you can run a sub 3h marathon. Bollocks you can!!!!

    I will continue to take what he says with a bucket of salt!!!

    I was told the number of goofy challengers varied from year to year and was only set once either the marathon or half was full and no more people could enter both. That may be wrong though.
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