Anybody have good tube station knowledge?

My friend and I will be travelling on the Tube to the VLM. I'm on the blue start and she's on red. I have two questions:

1 - Our routes will intersect at Canary Wharf tube station. Is there somewhere within that station where we'll both be able to find and meet at? I know that it will be massively busy. Or is it better to meet up outside Greewich, in which case the same question applies.

2. I'll be okay getting off at Greenwich and walking past the red start to the blue, won't I?

It's my friend's first VLM and I know how scared I was before my first one. I'm not too clued up about the tubes so if someone who is could help, I'd be most greatful image


  • 1. Agree to meet on the DLR platform and decide which part of the platform to wait at - back or front. Greenwich might be a bit of a melee but you could try meeting by the theatre that you have pass on the way to the start. It's about 5 minutes from the station and you can't miss it.

    2. Yes - the blue start is beyond the red at the top of the hill on Blackheath (head toward the balloons). 

  • You should use the tube/DLR station for the appropriate start,it is possible to arrive at the opposite station but will involve a large detour on foot for one of you to get  to the other coloured start area.

    Greenwich park has security on the gates to the runners area and if your start colour does not match you will be refused entry,and pointed towards the detour for your correct area.

    If you wish to run together simply arrange to meet at the side of the road at the point where the routes meet at a suitable landmark.

    If you must meet up before the start the church which sits at the top of Blackheath at the blue start area is an easy option.

    Hope this helps and see you at the start image

  • Completely off topic but last year I was stood at Canary Wharf just outside the tube station 10 minutes before the masses start and watched two very flustered women literally legging it towards the DLR station, runners numbers on their tops, kit bags flailing behind them. I felt very sorry for them.. either they over slept or they went the wrong way on the tube!
  • GladragsGladrags ✭✭✭

    while there is a portion of greenwich park which is restricted to red start runners, anyone can enter through the main gate at the bottom - so you could see your friend into their start.

    But - exiting the park is hard on marathon day though - the main gate will not be accessible

    there is a small gate at the top right hand corner of the park (as you are looking up the hill) which does open directly on to the Heath - they seem to blow hot and cold on whether to leave that open or closed on marathon day though. If that is shut, then you'd have to go back - there are 2 gates which open onto Crooms Hill and these have always both been open on marathon day.

    So- far right hand side of park - one at the top of the steep hill and one at the bottom - both clearly signed.

    As a local, I know where these are and how to access them -  you have to ask yourself whether you want the added hassle of a small detour/route finding exercise before getting yourself settled in at your own start?

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    As a local (and not a VLM runner having to contend with public transport issues) I think it's worth pointing out that for this particular year, it's probably a very good idea to FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS rather than rely on people's wisdom from previous years, because there are some very particular restrictions in place around the area, relating to the Olympics.  For example, my normal walk to work through the park is not currently accessible because of (presumably) another load of preparation for the equestrian events.

    The Cutty Sark is beginning to look quite nice though.  And there's a new Nando's!  image

  • GladragsGladrags ✭✭✭

    Am a local too though Phil!

    The Olympics restrictions are at the bottom of the parl and out on the Heath - they don't impact the Crooms Hill side.....

  • Hmmmm, thanks for all your answers, I can see I'm going to have to think about this in more depth. I'd forgotten about the added issue of the Olympics.

    And we're not going to run together, it was just to meet up and say hi before the race. Maybe it's too much of a hassle...

  • i was hoping to get off at greenwich tube station for the green start. Does anyone know will that be ok with the possible restrictions??
  • Hi.. I am starting from the blue start and I am running for the JDRF charity too. They do a team photo near the Observatory so I will be coming in via Greenwich and not Blackheath. I have investigated how easy it would be to go from the red zone to the blue zone. The Marathon magazine suggests an easy route via the 'Blackheath Gate Lodge' exit of the park... however the no entry sign suggests going via this route from the blue zone to the red zone is not allowed.

    I even rang my contact at JDRF and he said it will be fine to get between the two zones (red to blue only).... However, I think it may be best to ring VLM and ask.
  • My advice.... Leave super early !

    My last London Mara there was a huge delay on the & several hundred poor souls ran 2 miles to the Start and were 15 minutes behind the rest of the field !!
  • @ Jacky... Please tell me you are joking about the Kings Cross to Cambridge line... FFS >>> exits stage right to check train times
  • @ Jacky.. I can not believe that Network Rail have done this. I am OK as I join the line further down but it is far from ideal. I feel for you having to do that journey...I hope it goes ok... have you considered getting a cheap hotel room further south?
  • i was planning to get tube from Newbury Park and then changing at Stratford for the DLR. I think the earliest is 06;53AM. Is anyone else planning on this method to get to Greenwich? IF so what time are you planning of leaving?
  • Nykie, you and your friend stay on DLR to Lewisham, out the station, left under bridge and up hill to Blackheath, blue start is in front and red is to your left, through the access gates no problem, no trying to push against crowd, have a great day both of you
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