2 week holiday...how will it affect me?

Hi all,

Well I'm off to America for 2 weeks on Sunday image Running is out of the question on the holiday, although we will be doing a fair bit of walking. I will probably be eating more than usual!

However I'm worried on the impact the break will have on my running. I run about 20 miles per week, have run for just over a year and am training for a PB (53mins) at a 10k in the middle of May. I return on 30th April so have just under 3 weeks training when I get back!

Any advice? It would be much appreciated.


  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭

    Not running for a couple of weeks will have a negligible effect on your fitness in my experience. It might even be a good thing to give your body a rest for a while. Are you sure you won't be able to get in a little bit of running, just for the fun of it? It's great to be able to run somewhere different now and again and holidays provide that opportunity. But there's no need to as far as training for your 10K is concerned.

    I'd be careful not to do too much extra when you get back in an effort to "make up" for not running while you've been away as that could do more harm than good. Just return to your normal training schedule. Enjoy your holiday and good luck in the race.

  • Thanks for your reply Graham! Well to be honest, I wasn't planning on taking my running trainers, they won't fit in my suitcase, so I don't think I'll get any running done over there.

    I agree I probably would have fallen into the trap of overcompensating by trying to make up for not running. I'll try to go back to a normal schedule image
  • I'm with Graham - I always never understood why anyone would want to run on holday - now I always take my trainers & lightweight gear with me - even if it's just a few miles a couple of times, running in a different country is always a nice experience!!!
  • If you are really worried I'll go on the holiday for you! I'll send you postcards!

    it doesn't sound like a good recipe for getting a PB, otherwise I agree with the other posters. There are loads of races, why not enter another in a few weeks and treat the current one as training?

  • you'll be fine. have a great holiday.

    (although i also always take my running stuff on holiday....its a great way to explore) 

  • Shame you can't go running on holiday but walking will compensate for that.

    Like Cockney Latic I usually pack some running gear just in case.

    Last year I managed 4 runs whilst on holiday in beautiful Slovenia: around Lake Bled, around a park in Maribor and two runs in Ljubljana. Ljubljana's Tivoli Park is absolutely massive and goes up into the hills. 

    Happy Holiday, Rosie.

  • Chuck something less important out and bung the trainers in!

    Running in different places is a joy!
  • Wear them on the flight?
  • When people run on holiday, what time do you run at? I'm going away in August so it is likely to be ho (I hope) so don't want to run at peak heat but if I run too early I may struggle too due to the after-effects of the night before - I know I don't have to drink too much but I will do anyway.
  • it depends where you are but an evening run through the streets of vienna or rome is lovely
  • Run early morning or late afternoon? But take the trainers.

    Take a bottle of water if it really is hot.l speed isn't important. Upset your family by eating meal and saying "I've earned this" image

    I've run in Egypt, Trinidad, Tobago, Maldives, Kenya...Miami, Barcelona. Paris. All good.

    The world always looks a lot more interesting than home and you see a lot more.
  • I appreciate that I could run on holiday. Its just not going to be possible as I'm going with my best friend who is in the 'running on holiday is crazy' camp! I'm trying to travel light too. Oh well no point worrying I guess, I will just pick up the schedule when I return.
  • yes, put your trainers in, or tie them on your hand luggage or something - their weight is negligble. then take just tshirt and shorts. running abroad is great - it takes you through interesting places and scenery, and you will probably meet local runners too. any running shop or club will recommend good places to go. and it there's a running club meeting on, they usually let visitors go with them (and you get invited to pub too, if it's in the uk).

    if you really can't run, it won't affect your performance and the rest might even do you good time-wise

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