Minimus Zeros - quality issues...

I recently bought some new balance minimus zero's, but they haven't faired too well...

The uppers appear to be incredibly minimal, so much so that after I took them for one decent walk in the dales they are falling apart at various points. Has anyone else had this sort of problem with these shoes yet?

 Unfortunately I got them off ebay so have had no luck getting a warrenty replacementimage  


  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    If you aren't going to wear them again or feel that's it's an issue send them back to New Balance.

    Unfortunately items bought off ebay may not fair as well as items bought from a genuine retailer. I wonder why that might be. image

    At least new Balance should be able to tell you if they are genuine or not.

  • Ah, I see your point! But, I am fairly certain they're genuine.

    I think the real problem is the lightweight uppers, and I'd be interested to see how long other peoples last

  • I have had a pair for about four months (about 200 miles) and they are still OK, if a little stinky. The upper has no sign of wear whatsoever and the sole is a little worn down, but nothing like a pair of racing flats would be after the same amount of mileage.

    I have found that NB do have an unbelievable customer service centre - for example, they told me to go for a 'proper' run in a previous pair of shoes before I decided whether I liked them. I did so, a decent six miles in the mud, but they still took the shoes back. Might be worth giving them a call, even if you didn't buy them direct from them, they seem quite proud to uphold their idea that their items are of good quality.

  • I have a pair of MR00s for casual wear and gym use (as a strengthening tool).  The sole is already wearing fast - and irregularly.  It is part foam, part firm vibram rubber.  The hard vibram rubber is virtually untouched but the foam is already wearing away.  Thing is, the entire medial part of the heel is just foam and that section is wearing down - so they will then force my foot into a pronated position.  Dumb, dumb, dumb design, New Balance. 

    I'll be looking elswhere for replacements.

  • That's because your meant to forefoot strike in them, not walk around on your heels.
  • Why buy shoes like that for casual wear WetWeek . Dumb dumb decision ?
  • It's a reasonable expectation to be able to wear minimalist shoes to walk around normally.

    They don't come with a minimalist price-tag, and should be fit to be worn heel-to-toe walking and for mid-foot strikers. The only exception to this that I'm aware of is Newtons.

  • Tiago: Unfortunately I'm not real flash at walking only on my forefeet.

    Cougie: It is utterly ridiculous to suggest an minimalist shoe like the MR00 shouldn't be used for walking, foot strenghtening & gym use.  Nice troll....

    If the Minimus are not to be used for walking, gym & foot strengthening, then New Balance should state this in their advertising, on the box and at point of sale.

  • Minimalist running shoes are for minimalist running, and I think they're advertised as such. If they wear out quickly when your running in a forefoot/midfoot style, then that's a legitimate gripe.
  • Does anyone know wear I can find the 2E fitting for these shoes. They are advertised on and new in the States, but don't seem to be available here (yet).

  • Tiago has hit the nail on the head! They are minimalist RUNNING shoes. In saying that myself and another PE teacher wear them around school all the time and find that to do this either get lucky and find a knock down price pair on Ebay or wear the trail variety as they tend to hold up for longer.


    However they are designed as a forefoot running shoe, so heel toe action will wear the foam quick

  • ran 900 miles in my MR00's and they are still fine, few 100 miles left in them yet.


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