Early season swim

So any other nutters out there going to be at Thorpe Lake this weekend?  Has to be said I don't particularly *want* to go, but with All Nations at Dorney next weekend (where the water temp is curently a tropical 12 degrees), need to dust off the wetsuit, remember how to put it on (!) & give it a run ahead of the event (would hate to turn up next Saturday & discover a malfunction!).

Also probably useful to experience the cold water shock before the day too;  I've got some neoprene socks & am planning on double capping but any other tips for combatting the cold would be gratefully received!


  • Thanks for the invite but I'm washing my hair or something like that. 

    Earplugs for me help to reduce the ice-cream head feeling.  I also use an Orca neoprene cap (as well as a normal silicone one.

    I thought the lowest cutoff for swimming was 14C? 

  • Our local pool was only 29 degrees the other week when we went - and that felt cold - are you sure you want to
  • The way things are panning out for me it looks like the very first time I wear my wetsuit, other than prancing about the house and parading in front of a mirror, will be my first OW swim at my very first triathlon, a half IM distance event on 12 May. 

    4 weeks on Saturdayimage.

    Nothing like cutting it fineimage.

  • 14C is the minimum temp for optional wetsuits FF - although why you'd go without at that temp I have no idea!!

    racing water temps are

    11C - max swim 500m
    12C - 1000m
    13C - 2000m

    below 11C and it's recommended that the swim doesn't happen

    and wind chill can also be taken into consideration on deciding max swim distance or no swim. so 13C and a howling Siberian wind - forget it!
  • I've no intention of getting into a lake again till next month.

    Shas - another fan of ear plugs to help combat cold water.  When you get in let a little water into your wetsuit through the neck; this will soon warm up and add to insulation layer.  Splash some cold water on your face.  Take a little time to get acclimatised before you start swimming, just float in the water on your back initially then flip over and float on your front with face in water. 

    Oh, and keep relaxed and breathe normally.

  • Ferret - a likely excuse lol!!  Thanks to you & trogs for the earplug tips though; I normally wear them in the pool but will make sure I definitely pack them on the weekend!  As for keeping relaxed & breathing normally - let's just say if any of you hear a horrid squealing noise, something akin to the noise a pig makes when it panics, early on Sunday morning then that will be me!!

    Grendel - believe me, I don't particularly "want" to, but unfortunately I "need" to!!

    VT - wow, good luck!!  I know some lakes near me open in the evenings if that might be an option for you??  Or can you at least find a local pool that would let you wear your wetsuit for a few laps (anything more than that & you'd overheat but at least lets you give it a go...)

    Buddha - I knew about the wetsuit rule temp didn't know about the water temp & distance limits, very interesting, thanks!!

  • No need for a wetsuit at the moment, although I guess if your race expects you to wear one then it is good to practice in it.  I was in a tidal river for 45 min yesterday without mine.
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