Im barred



  • I was kicked out of cubs for lying about my height.
  • I'm still hooting over the best insult I've heard in years - "a wee skidmark" image  I'm almost looking forward to seeing the now-demoted bloke who I think of as being a two faced little turd.

    I got asked to leave a gay pub full of transvestites for looking like a woman but not having a winkle.  It was the 80s though.  These days I could claim discrimination.

  • banned from a local chinese restaurant for doing uri geller impressions with the cutlery,

    *it was a long time ago, and i was drunkimage

  • Belgium !!!  image

  • I've been barred from the Tower Lounge in Blackpool. How they'd pick 10 girls out of the many thousands that go in there every day, I really don't know.

    I also got thrown out of Guides - see the 'What scars do you have' thread image

  • Bruce C wrote (see)

    Belgium !!!  image

    Oh come on Bruce.....tell us the full story image
  • i am banned from Ilfracombe.

    Cousins stag do, over on the boat, lots of drinking, and rugby club humour meant that a naked run through the town with a refreshing dip in the harbour was followed by a police escort back onto the boat, and a ban for the whole family!

    I did sneak in once though - ha!
  • I was kicked out of tap class (aged 4) for picking the paint off the walls.

    And I was given a stern talking to at the Kenmore Hotel for sharking the locals playing pool image

  • I have a life time ban from a 5K race in the City of London for having the temerity to complain about the poor organisation   - I'm not sure the race still existsbut I presume that if it does I'm still banned.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Bruce C wrote (see)

    Belgium !!!  image

    is that even possible?!? They let me in... they can't be too picky image

    Saying that... i've been politely asked to not enter France without a valid passport/ID (I crossed the border for a day and left my passport at home).... just my luck that I was caught and asked for ID.

  • So, if you went to a Waggamamma where no one knew you, they would still refuse you entry? Don't see how they can enforce it. Lol.
  • it may well have been an idle threat image

    but seeing as people on this thread are barred from belgium, ilfracombe, the moon etc then anything's possible image

    the more i think about it the more i remember......i got barred from the 13th note cafe (veggie) in glasgow for smuggling in pepperoni to put on my pizza.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    Bruce C wrote (see)

    Belgium !!!  image

    You're not Jeremy Clarkson are you?!  image
  • Saffy Sweety Pea wrote (see)
    Oh come on Bruce.....tell us the full story image

    Nothing overly exciting I'm afraid Saffy, just 'youthful exuberence' , and its not an official ban (I have been back since!)

    Basically, a few of us decided on a whim to go and see the Mission play in Dussledorf, so set off, when we got to the ferry port in Belgium we got in to a little 'discussion' about the price they were trying to charge us for the train tickets (we had phoned earlier and the price was a lot lower over the phone). Things got a little 'heated' and the police were called and eventually we got on the train, and went to Dussledorf. On the return journey when we got back to the ferry port, our 'mate' was on duty again and it sort of got heated again (Boys and Girls .. its neither big nor clever to be rude to Belgium Transport staff!).

    So again the police were called and as luck would have it, it was the same ones as before so we were summarily detained until the ferry was leaving, at which time we were escorted on to the ferry and told in no uncertain terms that we were no longer welcome in the country of Belgium should we ever wish to return. We also go a similar warning via their British counterparts upon our landing to ensure we understood !!

  • once got kicked out of a Yates Wine Lodge - in the old days before they went all posh and Yates were real drinkholes

    if you don't know Yates, in the 70's they were the place where the alkies would congregate 'cos they sold cheap booze (Australian white anyone?) - spit and sawdust places that you wouldn't venture into sober.

    a rugby trip to Nottingham saw us being kicked out of the Yates there for some drunken behaviour involving a pint of spirits (came up quicker than it went down - all over the floor of course) and taking over the instruments of the 3 piece band playing in the corner plus a few other things that student rugby clubs do... image
  • the dude abides wrote (see)

    im also barred from Lazer Quest in Dundee.

    got a bit carried away and hit a child over the head.

    Competitive Dad! image

    I've never been barred from or asked to leave anywhere*.  I'm a nice person image

    *There was an incident in a bar in a ski resort, but as I didn't understand what was being said (and I might have been a bit drunk, too), I think they were just wishing us a good evening.

  • I've been barred from Belgium as well!
  • im starting to feel left out!

    why haven't i been barred from belgium?

  • the dude abides wrote (see)

    i was also once barred from pitlochry

    im not sure if it was for life or just for the day.

    Clearly you didnt look like a tourist image

    I have banned my husband from Going To Tescos with me for being abusive to the checkout staff (although they did deserve it, i can't cope with that kind of stress and tackling food shopping!) but i think that might have been his plan all along. . . . . .

  • at the risk of being controversial, it's perhaps because im not english image
  • the dude abides wrote (see)
    at the risk of being controversial, it's perhaps because im not english image
    thats not like you - worrying about being controversial! image
  • William Shakespeare walks in to a pub. The landlady shouts out "Get out, you bard!"
    I'll get me coat...
  • I don't even want to go to Belgium anyway...
  • Another LaserQuest banning I'm afraid, 20+ person brawl, oops! Lights came up to find one of our team sat astride one of theirs rifle-butting him in the chest, things kind of went downhill from there...
  • Marks & Spencers.
  • I am barred from the Brace of Pheasants in Salisbury for drunkenly singing the Marseillaise really loudly with a group of French students. The landlord said we were being unpatriotic when I said God save the Queen was boring and the French anthem was more exciting
  • I used to have to get a taxi from my old house to the pub where I drank so when we was looking for a new house one of the things it had to be was to be within waking distance from it.

    First night I waked there guess what happened image

  • For what reason GG?
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