Outlaw Bike Recce - Sun 15th April

I am doing a recce of the bike course on this Sunday 15th April, leaving from Long Bennington, approx 9am, I will be parking at the Royal Oak, perfect to nip in for a pint after, be rude not to.

The plan would be to head north from Long Bennington, complete most of the second loop, head over to complete the first loop then back to Long Bennington. 

I am not bothereing with the trek into HPP and will be going around probably somewhere between 16 - 18 mph

Anyone else?



  • Ill be there if is not hailing like it was today image
  • This is the route i will be taking if anyone else thinking of coming.


  • Good ride out today, thanks for the company DK, hope you enjoyed it as much as me

    The route itself was fairly easy to follow, however it got a bit tricky with road closures due to the upgrade of the A46, me and DK couldnt resist taking a divert down some freshly layed dual carriageway, it was certainly alot smoother than some of the roads on the second loop.

    Oxton hill wasnt to bad at all, the downhill into Southwell after the hill made the climb worthwhile. Although there was a 12% sign, it never really felt to bad, DK even managed to stay in the BIG RING.

    We had a northely wind today which felt like the majority of the ride was head or side wind, that was until we reached Farnfield. as we turned and headed back home we were treated to back wind all the way, it was a joy, if the wind is the same on raceday I for one will not be complaining.

    The terrain itself was definatley rolling, i am not the most experienced biker however it isnt a flat course, nothing major just constantly up and down and the roads themselves, especially on the back roads were not the best.

    72 miles done in 4 hours, I am hoping with the gods smiling on me i might manage a 6 1/2 hour bike on raceday.

  • oxton hill = easy peasey image and yep i do like the big ring image

    good days training and after my feet thawed out i did just over a 7 mile run starting with 9 minute miling gradually increasing each mile to at mile 7 i was doing sub 7:30 - think im back on track now after last fortnights little crisis - happy times
  • well done guys

    course sounds good ... wind prevailing  image
  • Oh to do 74 miles in 4 hours........
  • I reckon the course is going to be quick, will need to watch out early doors though and not get carried away pace wise

  • Have you got the profile on a garmin ?  (other products are available)
  • I never get carried away pace wise image
  • i have all details will see if i can set link up, if not DK will be able to im sure

  • Hoping it works, not sure the profile is quite right though


  • indeed your profile is a bit skewed JCD - check the little pin holes in the back of the garmin to see if they are blocked - theres an atmospheric pressure sensor in there

    heres my profile - looks a little more realistic


    youll have to copy and paste Forum hates chrome
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