Did anybody else suffer this morning in the shower? Those shirts caused a wee bit of chaffing yesterday!!!


  • Us girls were protected by our bras but I noticed alot of men with blood on their tops yesterday from nipple injuries.
    I hope you are all ok this morning.
  • The shirts brought back my bleeding nipples!
    (Done London this year without a drop!)

    A couple of kids asked me about and I
    explained that it was some minor bleeding
    from subbing. They replied that they had
    seen lots of men with the same problem.

  • What is subbing natnif?
  • I suggest you all get together and sue them :-)
  • I added a extra bit of colour to my shirt yesterday. Didn't think running was a blood sport. Previously had soar nipples on the longer runs, but first time with blood.

    And just FYI, yes they still hurt especially having to get up and wear a shirt and tie. Any solutions fellow suffers?

  • sorry typo - should have
    been rubbing.

    No point in sueing or moaning.

    Literally just a case of
    'tough titties'.

  • Oh go on, just for a laugh, sue them.
  • I'm not surprised this affected many people. I really am surprised at Nike for promoting their event by breaking one of the first rules of racing - do not run a race in new kit. Always make sure it is tried and tested in training first.
  • Glad to hear its not just me!!!

  • . . . but you could collect your
    shirt in advance - I did and ran
    in it several times b4 yesterday.
    Bloody nipples every time.

    . . . not really a suitable material
    for running in. It may wick well but
    it is too heavy and obiously rubs
    many men up the wrong way.

  • Karen, you're not American are you ? or maybe a lawyer or work for Reebok ? Did the Guildford half on Sunday with trusty Elastoplasts stuck over each one ! sore nipples is a never to be repeated experience !
  • I had a really bad case training for FLM in 2001 - my first ever race...on one of my 20 milers, it started to pour with 15 miles my white vest wasn't. Now I always dab some vaseline (not KY Jelly as I almost found to my cost that it is water soluble on a later run) does mark your running vest but I've never suffered that 'shower' moment since.
  • I had the blood. Washed out easily though, thanks to Hotpoint and Persil. It was the first race were I forgot to tape myself, what a pain.
  • Maybe Persil should co-sponsor next years event ?
    Did the same thing happen last year ? I don't have any problem with my nips for distances up to 8 miles or so. Longer than that and I do plaster them up though.
  • Last year they were pink, so no blood to be seen. However, the shirts were a different heavier material, so more sweat, but I had taped myself for that one.
  • it was my first ever race and yes i got cauhgt out, but never again.
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