Can't seem to find Welsh Alex...

The lovely Welsh Alex used to do the London marathon highlights and your crossing the finishing line on DVD for a donation to his charity.  I can't seem to find him this year and was wondering if he is still around and/or still doing the dvds?

 Can anyone help?  Ta muchly


  • He used to post on the Swansea Harriers thread.
  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    Just sent him a message with the request...I'll keep you posted, if he indeed does not do so himself
  • thank you kindly image
  • You can 'find' a forumite by doing  search on their forum name (when the search function is working, that is....)

  • I tried that but it showed that his last visit to RW was last year so I thought it would be best to ask someone who might know where he is!
  • Yes, he's posted in the past week, unless I dreamed it.
  • I am here even now !

  • And I have got the masters for the finish line but have had such a nightmare of a year I have not had the spare time to do anything with them.

  • hi alex- someone told me you may be doing dvds of London marathon? Ideally I was hoping to get a copy of the whole coverage so I can watch it after the marathon but it looks like you were doing peoples finishes? Anyhow if your doing anything this year can you let me know please as Id like to pay and donate to charity .cheers

  • Didn't see this until now ... Doh !

    Not done it for a few years. May try this year.
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