getting a route from Map My Run to Garmin 405


I've got a route saved in Map My Run that i want to get onto my 405.

I can export it to my computer as a gpx file but then when I try to import it to Garmin Training Centre I'm only given the option of tcx, fit or crs files!

Anybody able to advise please?


  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Can't you re-export it as tcx or crs? I thoughtthere was a drop down to select the file type before you save?

    if not, try bikehike you can upload a route directly to your device without saving it first.

  • There is a crs option but when you select that it just days 'coming soon!'

    Will go look at bikehike but the problem is that the route is an edited version of the official MK marathon route so can't easily get it right myself.

  • Done it!

    Put the route from Map My Run into bikehike but although it said it was downloaded to my device nothing showed up.  So I downloaded it to the PC as a tcx file and then uploaded through training centre image

    Thanks for the pointer Mr P

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