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  • IMCH 09 was a brilliant brilliant holiday. Best bit was barley reappearing in the bar in the middle of the night looking traumatised having accidentally got into bed with a random Japanese guy. image

    Like Hope says, the support was amazing, and hilarious.
  • Is it the Freddy one?
  • I was sorry I missed the YH stay.  I was at the Ibis well away from the major frolics.  But remember the hurt and fun and it can't have been all that bad because I came back for another go despite what I told G on the last lap. 

    I remember Garr trying to decide whether or not to use the water pistol on me and deciding against it lol  And I remember being with Barley, Kanga and Cougie at some point too. 

    Oh and trying to keep up with Holly on her march!!!!

  • Oh Lol lol lol Ihad so forgotten the random Japanese guy !!!  Didnt he sit on him ??  ... I think he lived   image

    Freddy??  No, it was a private performance at Firestars where he tried on her sports bra and Oxy wore my boots ...
  • M...eldy wrote (see)
    Freddy??  No, it was a private performance at Firestars where he tried on her sports bra and Oxy wore my boots ...
    Name your price Meldy.  I am sure I can fund it from the Kit kitty image
  • I shall bring it with me next weekend but I really cant get it off the phone !!
  • I'd forgotten about the trip to the lake district too. That was a laugh.

    The Freddie pic of Barlos is a good'un. Can't remember who has it though.
  • Which one if the Freddy one?

    The Lakes training weekends were fun .. lambs to the slaughter  image
  • best Barley tale was from Switzerland '05. Post-race, we were all down in the wonderful refectory-type downstairs at the YH. A staff member came over to us and said 'I think, one of your friends, perhaps a little too much...I think he is asleep?'

    We laughed, and followed the chap around the corner to the lift...where Barley was sparko on the floor. It was actually very worrying and sobering: he'd obviously conked out in the lift, which was very small, and when the doors opened at the bottom, he just fell out. Crashed to the floor. image

     Cougie was the hero of the hour and got him sorted out and safely tucked up.

    When he was safe, we could laugh. image

    edit: it wasn't that he'd had too much to drink. This was very early and we'd only managed a pint or so each.
  • So polite in those days  image

  • I have the Freddie one - think I was sworn not to post it on here. But I will say that it *might* be in an album from a party a couple of years ago on another social networking site....

  • Another memory: GOM proposing to Mrs GOM at the award IMA 2007. Weepy!
  • Aw!! Yes, that was good.

    Austria was super-soaker-tastic, wasn't it? Both inside and out?

    I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Candy and oxy gently coaxed Barlos out of bed with the gentle water treatment, the night before the race!
  • ferk me - some memories there....

  • Are you sure you can remember? image
  • remember what?? image
  • Barlos and the lift! LOL!!! How could I forget?!?!
  • Did GOM really propose at the awards ceremony? Aww! That's fab! image
    Nice was my first experience of Ironman supporting. I do believe we actually drank the bar dry!
    I had one job while the race was on.... That was to look
    after Garr's dad. And I lost him! I spent most of Garr's bike section frantically searching for him.
  • My favorite Ironman memory was in 2005 when Oxy and I went for our first wetsuit swim. 

    We turned up and were maybe a bit nervous, such that Oxy cracked on with getting his wetshuit on, only to be informed by a number of tri ponces that he'd put it on back to front.  Oh how they revelled in their superiority.

    Right from the swim start the guys with eyes firmly inserted in their nostrels soon powered into the distance (I think they may have mentioned they were Ironmen). 

    We tootling along slowly behind when I noticed another swimmer overtake me, except that it wasnt a swimmer but one of the Ironmen's dogs.  The dog soon locked onto Oxy (who was swimming ahead) then proceeded to scamble up his legs, step onto his back and jump back in then carry on swimming.  I nearly drowned with laughter image

    We maybe swam a bit longer who knows?  But I do remember them probably hearing us discuss what a bunch of ***** they were.

    My final memory, having driven away dukes of hazard style and leaving a dust cloud in our wake was getting to the locked gate!!! then having to wait like naughty school boys for them to come and open it.  Only then did we truely appreciate their superiority as Ironmen.

  • Hope's jacket, with the name on it, "Pirate name Hope". image
  • I'm sure that Mon would not wish to be reminded that I nearly punched her lights out at the start of the IMCH 2005 swim - we started next to each other and first strokes in the water, I nearly took her jaw off. ooops...

  • Lol Dustboy.
    I still haven't got the hang of that website!
  • Aah fun fun fun.
    Yes Barlos falling out of the lift like a chainsawed oak.
    The fear of the open water swim in Zurich.
    2005 was a great event.

    Can we post all of the group photos on here - who's got the rest of them ?
  • I have to admit that I haven't been on the PSOF website lately, but this thread has made me think about doing a photo archive of all the main PSOF championship IMs. For the website

    Is this something that you would want on the PSOF site?

    For privacy, people wouldn't be *tagged*

  • Cougs, remember Barley's bloody alarm!!

    The idiot forgot to turn it off after race day so we were awakened at 4 am on the Monday by some bloody trance music. I believe he still has the same tone image

  • Barlos that made me howl .... I remember the story image

    Keeping photos is always a good idea Schmunks, I think a fair few belong to Mrs F so you could liaise with her?

    (and I spose we need Smiffys arse in Norseman)  imageimage
  • I remember looking for him with you Hope!

    And Jj told me off for being naggy (rightly so!!)

    And wasn't Nice when Hollywood chipped his tooth diving into the shallow end of the hotel pool?

  • The really long and unnecessary prayer from the local reverend at the start in Austria when everyone just wanted to get going.

    And in the same year, us supporters offended the locals with the first of the massive pirate signs - the pirate skull and crossbones apparently a leeetel bit similar to the SS logo...

  • Oh God.  And Chermany.... the lady tramp giving the man tramp a blowjob in the 'garden' beside the youth hostel!!  Eeeeeeewwwwwwww.
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