racing in the rain? clothing options?

I keep checking the weather forecast and there looks like theres a chance of it raining at vlm. Typical! I have run in the rain lots before but Iv always worn a waterproof jacket. The thing is if I wore that on race day no one gets to see your charity top or your name on it, so im not sure if I want to do that, but im worried without il get too cold and wet. I just wondered what other people will be opting for clothing wise if it does look like rain on the day?


  • I think trying to run a marathon in ajacket is a mistake unless you are going to be out there a few hours. If you are moving at a moderate pace, you tend to get very hot, and a jacket will be too warm- your core temp seems to almost inevitably rise throughout the race- I've done a few marathons, at around 4- 4:20 pace, and usually find I'm getting very warm despite a runnig vest + leggings only- in all the recent ones it's been so chilly at the start that I've needed gloves, hat, bin bag, thow away tshirt, and removable arm warmers, but by about 10 miles, even a thin cap to keep the rain out of my eyes is too hot!

    Lots of the slower part of the pack turn up looking very overdressed, the tip is that you should be wearing little enough to feel chilly on the start line- but to avoid getting cold/ wet hanging about, a bin bag and/ or old top you can throw away in the fist mile is the best.

  • Oh no! What? Rain in April in England? I can hardly believe it!
    But I wouldn't worry, because as long as it is not blowing a gale at the same time, it will make it easier because it will keep us from getting too hot. I agree with everything tricialitt says.
    Plus when it rains there is more chance of chafing, so need to prepare for that.
    I find it easiest and most comfortable to race in the lightest possible clothing, and if it rains, the only change I might make is to take a light, foldable cap to keep the rain off the top of my head and out of my eyes, to be removed when the rain stops after 3 miles, and I get too hot!

    Good luck.
  • Yesterday I ran in Fort William- it was frosty in the moring at breaskfast time, and 6 degrees, sunny to start. I started in vest, leggings, hat + sleeves. This was too hot, I ended up dressed exactly as my forum pic shows- it was perfect. ( perhaps still slightly warm- threw cold water over my head at last couple of stations) Do NOT overdress, you will suffer!
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