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I live in Brighton and work in London. Though the winter I've been running from work to the train station one or two days a week, and it hasn't been that bad as I didn't get too hot and sweaty and I could put a fleecy top on straight away so hopefully wasn't too smelly! Anyway I;m concerned as it gets towards summer that I'll be sweating more and too hot to put on a thick top. I know I wouldn't much want to sit next to a sweaty runnner on the train! Does anyone else run, commute to public transport? and how do you get round this problem? My thoughts so far are (1) get to the station early so I can cool down on the station and change my top before getting on the train (2) save my runs for the other end and run round Brighton (3) jog slowly so I don't get so warm! or (3) sod the other commuters! (can't say I'm likely to go with this option)


  • Catalin

    If you have showers or changing facilities at work, why not get off the train a stop or two before you get into London, and run to the office?...... This is what I do, or I save my run for my journey home, and get off the train 3-4 stops early and run home....
  • I go with option 3 (or was that 4....sodding the other commuters image)myself, and it's a packed train too. Maybe I'm inconsiderate....I don't know?! What I do know is that I've sat next to people who stink far worse than I, and they haven't run anywhere...

    Depending on how shy you are, it probably wouldn't take much to change your top in a few seconds on the platform...plenty of women run in tops smaller than my sports bra!
  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    i cycle to work every day and have done for the past however many years. On the odd ocaision I have run to work. I'm not really able to shower at work so I'm sweat covered all shift. I do ask my colleagues if I stink and they say not. I do however put clean clothes on and have a squadie shower.

    Lush do some good products, one is called 'Dirty' the other is a charcoal powerd. Charcoal is very good at absorbing unwanted smells. You can buy travel size deordorants. I use these. I also use a lot of body lotion with a fairly neutral smell so that I don't wind up smelling of cat wee.

    Some people eat on trains, others wear over powerring amounts of perfume or aftershave. Someone will be upset just by you being on the train no matter what you do.

    Agree - option 3. image

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    i run to train stn after work as bus service is unreblie
  • Horses sweat, men pespire and women simply shine!

    You won't smell, your deodrant/perfume/body lotion kicks in when your body temperature rises and that's what they'll smell not B.O.  Don't worry about it, sod the other commuters, there's always far worse smells from the general public.

  • If you carry a backpack with you stick a pack of baby wipes in it and a travel sized deodrant can.

    Nip into a toilet and have a quick wipe down and spray some deodrant.

    If it works for soldiers, it'll work for you.

    I wouldn't be too bothered, I can guarantee worse smelling guys are on the train. image

  • I'd agree with the other comments so far - if you are clean in general, shower every day, use antiperspirant and wear fresh running kit, you'll probably smell better than half of the general public out there. However, if I was going to work by train in the early morning I'm not sure I'd want a panting sweating runner in skimpy shorts and vest sitting right beside me. Ditto soaking wet cyclist splattered with mud. When I'm in either of those conditions I usually stand on my own by the door or sit on the floor, which is usually fairly clean and I don't care about the odd looks I get...
  • Thanks for al the responses. Some good ideas to think about. TBH I'm surprised I didn't get more people saying "think of the other commuters". Then again I'd probab;y have got that if I'd written in to the Metro rather than posting on here!
  • I do think I owe the people on my train last night an apology. It was pretty warm, I left work late and had to do a tempo run to make my train. Needless to say my face matched my red t shirt and I was Very sweaty when I got onthe train. Hopefully didn't smell too bad.

    Need a mantra - if running to the train in the summer LEAVE ON TIME!
  • Catalin

    I know exactly how you feel..... I had a very similar experience last week as I had planned to run home from the office (17 miles), but didn't manage to get out of the door as early as I had planned, so about 9 miles into the run I made the decision to stop at the next train station and get the train home....

    I don't think the bloke I then sat next too whilst dripping in sweat was all that appreciative..image

    Hey ho,


  • How about walking to the train, then getting off a stop early and running from there to home?

    Although, yes, there are people who smell on the trains (although I don't come across them very often), I would really not like to sit jammed next to someone who was very sweaty, whether they smelled or not!



  • Wilkie, the stop before mine is 10 mins on the train but 8 miles on a main road. Could try and investigate the off road route from there this summer.

    Personally, last night I opted not to sit next to anyone. I did feel bad standing in a crowded but at first. But the train emptied at the next stop so I stretched til I could get 2 seats to myself.
  • I do it. I even think its such a good mehtod of training that I've come up with a website on it:

  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭

    Yeah, getting off the train a few stops early doesn't really work for the London to Brighton line (though getting off at Preston Park and doing an extended detour is a good option sometimes).

    I do the same London-Brighton commute and run to the London station about once a week, it's a great way of fitting runs in during the week. To be honest (and probably a bit selfish!), the commute is horrible anyway sometimes (especiailly if you have the pleasure of being a First Crapital Connect customer) so one or two sweaty runners are not going to make it drastically different ... but I do carry wet wipes with me and extra clothes to put over my kit. The toilets at the London stations and on the train are usually fine for getting changed in, though I've had more than my share of funny looks when stretching post-run on the platform!

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