Train travel for VLM

Is any one travelling up from Haywards Heath to Blackheath next Sunday?

I have been looking at train times and it seems it's a bus from Haywards Heath to Three Bridges for train to London Bridge for Blackheath. It seems to be going to take me over 1hr 30mins so an early start. Just worried about the bus part.

As I come from Fife and am staying with my sister I am worried about the timings off the bus and trains etc. How early should I be leaving to make sure I am not rushing to get bag on lorry etc. am nervous enough about the run and am now worried about the travel as I will be on my own.


  • Waves paw to Speedy.  I know it's a bit nerve wracking but bus replacements usually tie in quite well with the rail service they are connecting with and at that time in the morning the roads should be quite clear.  Alternatively you could get a taxi to Three Bridges which will cost a bit, but give you peace of mind.  Good luck.
  • Waves back to BB. How are you?

    Checked distance from HH to Three Bridges and it's only 14 miles to hopefully no problems. Might try to sweet talk sister or brother in law to get up at crack of dawn and take me there. Just a bit nerve wracking on my own. Hubby can't get time off work so he is having to defer till next year. Seems no one to cover for him for 3 days. Poor show.
  • Hi, I'm fine.  Shame about Hubby not being with you.  I always find the travel to an event more nerve wracking than the event itself!
  • I find it rather lonely and feel a bit lost to tell the truth. More so this year as unsure I can make the 26.2 miles. It will be a stressful day. Just worried about the journey from HH to Blackheath.
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