Baby news

Just to let you all know, the ladywife did the business over the weekend and baby William George arrived at 4.50am after a 5 hour labour - new PB for the missus! Weighed in at a sensible 7lbs 9oz. With two girls arleady, we now have the full set and ladywife has completed a hospital birth, a home birth and a waterbirth - quite a treble.

Mother and baby are doing fine and will be home this afternoon. Dad is chuffed.


p.s. to make this running related, during labour I wore Saucony Grid Web - my birth shoes of choice.


  • Duh, didn't say what day it was - Sunday 22(his due day).

  • LOL!!!!!! Congratulations!!!
  • Congratulations, Neil. Did your shoes last the pace or are they all covered in amniotic fluid and green gunk?

    I trust he is suitably gorgeous and adored by his sisters.

    You've got to have another. I've done the quadruple - caesarean, forceps, nearly-in-the-hospital-car-park and home.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Congratulations to both of you! Glad to hear the Saucony's didn't let you down!!!
  • I'm not allowed to have kids yet
  • Sincerest congratulations to you, the missus and the girls on your new arrival.

    Do you need some new shoes after all that pacing up and down?
  • Excellent news. Hearty congratulations to you your wife and family.

    So you could have made the Maidstone Half after all !!!
  • Scotty: He didn't mention it, but that was why he was wearing his Grid Webs!
  • Well done Mrs neilruns, and best wishes to the whole family!
  • Well done, even if it means that your training routine is going to be well and truly interrupted. How long before Mrs neilruns gets back into training for this event? Personally I don't think that childbirth can be recommended as a spectator sport but will bear in mind the shoe recommendation if Mrs DB chooses to add to the family. Do you think my Grid Hurricanes will be up to the job?

    Jon. Why aren't you allowed to have children yet? Is this a legal thing?
  • Tim, I'd really like to, but it depends on how I feel after the Loch Ness Marathon. I might need a few weeks off to recover. I was chatting to Snoop yesterday and we're both seriously considering Barns Green. I'll keep you posted on the Events forum.
  • DB: Not allowed to have kids cos I'm not responsible enough... They'd have to be taken into care I suspect!
  • lovely news! Congrats! x
  • Excellent well done NR, I expect the stamina came in handy.. oh and how's Mrs NR?
  • Congrats to you both.

    Try not to let it affect your training.

    If you're up in the middle of the night, what better time to go for a nice quiet run??

    BTW Jon,

    I think it should be illegal for you to have children. One of you is more than plenty.... ;-)
  • RB... You can be very hurtful when you want to be!
  • Congratulations to you and Mrs neilruns, that's great news. Is this the first forum birth? Hope everything goes well with the homecoming.

    PS I've got the same shoes as you, but I wasn't planning on wearing them on a maternity ward.
  • Wow, a wedding and a baby in the same weekend.

    I could get mushy........

    Well done to the neilruns family. Another little neilrunlet.
  • Laura
    have you news too?????
  • NR Congrats to you both, hope mother and baby are doing well.

  • Neilruns, congratulations to you and the Mrs especially and to the girls who now have a brother.

    Well done!
  • congratulations! good to see Mrs NR get a PB there!!
  • Congratulations to the neilruns family!! Well done Mrs neilruns in particular and I hope you're pampering her neilruns :)
  • Congratulations!
  • Congratulations!
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