Is this just nerves?

Morning all

I am new to the forums but with a week to go until my first marathon I think I need some support from those in the know! My other half telling me I'll be fine is not helping - mainly because he's never run further than a 10k!!

Is anyone else starting to focus on all their niggles (mine sore shins, tight calves and a tight right hip) rather than on the fact that we've put in all the training and are ready?


  • Probably just nerves, you'll also begin to imagine sore throats, colds,flu like conditions etc. your legS will feel heavy and youll have no energy, just your bodies friendly way of undoing all of your hard work. Good news is that it's just per race paranoia and come race day you'll feel fine... Probably!
  • Ha, all of that made me feel better apart from the probably!
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    I read somewhere, from an elite athelete and can't remember which one, that she has all sorts of strange sensations and feelings in her legs in the taper before the marathon.

    If in doubt, rest up.

    I've just been for my last mini long run - 1 hour - my hip decided to make itself known, my knee, a toe.  But it's all just concentrating and focusing I think.

    It's all about positive mental attitude now.  You CAN do it.  You've done your training.  You're committed.  You're fit. You're injury free. You're fine.

    VLM is my first  marathon too.  I've  been plagued by injury.  But am trying to put all my doubts out of my mind and concentrating on mental stratagies!

    Best best of luck on the day!!

  • Thanks for the positive message. About to go for a slow and scenic 10k at Blenheim palace where I hope I'll find everything in working order. If not, still a week to rest up.

    Good luck next week. We're going to be lions for the day and overcome all the niggles and nagging doubts!
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    What a lovely place to run. Enjoy!
  • This is the marathon freakout, and it tends to intensify as the week progresses. I am badly afflicted, and in that I am by no means alone. It's scary!

    The good news is it's all in the mind, so laugh at those random twinges.

    Unless they're genuine of course!
  • You must be right as my 10k was fine and the twinges felt like exactly that....twinges!

    Now if I can just keep the freak out under control for another 7 days....
  • Keep checking in!

    And don't breathe on public transport.
  • Good advice... I am on a berocca echinacea regime too!
  • Have Vicks First Defence close to hand too.... Suddenly with a week to go my hamstring has decided to announce its presence, sore ankles are a new one and I have to put up with this for a week!

    Good luck in VLM, as soon as you get there you will forget all those niggles!
  • SuperCazSuperCaz ✭✭✭

    I made myself so worried before my first marathon that I actually triggered IBS so bad that I passed out through dehydration!  I still completed the marathon, and 30 min quicker than I thought I was capable of too.  It's perfectly normal to lose confidence and believe that you are not physically or mentally capable of running the distance.  In fact I get that before every single race I do, even if it is only a 5k.

    Trust in the training.  It will all come right on the day.

  • Phatboyrunning - aren't these new niggles fun after all these weeks of training? Hope both of ours don't drive us crazy this week!

    Supercaz, am impressed. I drive myself nuts before every race, am sure this is worse as so many people are coming to watch! I wish I hadn't enlisted so many supporters!!!

    Am feeling positive though, I keep picturing myself crossing the finish line like some elite champion! It helps
  • SuperCazSuperCaz ✭✭✭

    Just read back what I wrote and it sounds like I passed out on the start line.  It was actually the Sunday night the weekend before.  I got up in the night for the toilet and passed out on the loo, hitting my nose on the wall as I went down.

    I came around and realised what had happened so I turned the light on and started cleaning up the blood from my nose bleed.  Next thing I know I was on the floor again.  Hubby had heard me go down the second time and could see my feet and a pool of blood, just like a horror film.  I was badly bruised in random places, but otherwise alright.  It scared me though as I had never passed out before (or since) and didn't immediatly link it to dehydration and low blood pressure.

  • Ah, that sounds worse!!

    Not to top that i once fainted 600m from the finish line at Bristol half! Some amazing lady walked with me to the end. That taught me a lot about fuelling and hydration! Live and learn!
  • was like this last year for me. I ended up spending the week with compression tights on under my trousers at work due to injury paranoia! Chill, it will be fine!
  • Hey I'm wearing compression socks right now!

    Last year I had a massive asthma flare up such that I couldn't breathe at all so doc bombarded with me with meds which meant I couldn't sleep, then the vitreous detached from my right eye and it might have been the retina so I ended up in hospital from Wednesday.

    The funniest but was me freaking out on the consultant so I could escape to Expo and collect my NUMBER!!!

    All of the above symptoms evaporated round about 8:30am at the green start!

    What are we like.
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